The Ultimate Guide To Bing Webmaster Tools

The Ultimate Guide To Bing Webmaster Tools
The first option involves XML File Verification, where the “BingSiteAuth.xml” file will need to be downloaded and placed in the root directory of the website. The second option …. You may want to select a custom crawl rate if you want Bingbot to …
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How two gamers built a secret weapon to get huge Web traffic
Clicking on a chumlink—even one on the site of a relatively high-class chummer, like—is a guaranteed way to find more, weirder, grosser chum. The boxes are daisy-chained together in an increasingly cynical, gross funnel; quickly, the open …
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Intro to SEO, Analytics & Webmaster Tools

Intro to SEO, Analytics & Webmaster Tools
Event on 2015-07-07 10:00:00
This workshop will demystify the black art of Search Engine Optimisation and introduce you to the tools and concepts you need to run a healthy and active website. How to keep your content appropriate and consumable and attractive to the search engines. How to cope with external threats that could cause problems for your web presence. This workshop is a must for people and small businesses that want to do their own maintenance or at least understand what they’re requesting and paying for if they still wish to outsource. Everyone gets a free website to experiment so you can use it or break it, we don’t mind: we wouldn’t want you experimenting on your own website would we?  Please see eligibility criteria below  Have a postcode/address in the North East region Provide business to business activities Be actively trading Have under 250 employees/volunteers Turnover or annual balance sheet – must be under the limit for one or both –          Turnover €50 million limit –          Annual Balance Sheet €43 million limit Ineligible sectors –          Primary production, procession and marketing of agricultural products –          Shipbuilding –          Coal and Steel –          Synthetic fibres sector –          Banking and Insurance companies –          Establishments providing school age education –          Retail –          Social Care/Assistance to Individuals –          Fishery and aquaculture    

at Teesside University – Darlington Campus
Vicarage Road
Darlington, United Kingdom

Google introduces Search Console, a rebranded version of Webmaster Tools

Google introduces Search Console, a rebranded version of Webmaster Tools
Google unveiled its rebranded Webmaster Tools today in the form of the new Search Console. The company said in a blog post that it wants to widen the appeal of its Webmaster Tools to include “everyone who cares about search.” …
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Filling Google's gap in River North
For Alter, the 15-year WeWork deal is a key step toward offsetting the loss of Google, which will vacate its 150,000 square feet by the end of this year. Mountain View, Calif.-based Google is moving to about 357,000 square feet in a new development in …
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The Google-Twitter Deal Goes Live, Giving Tweets Prominent Placement In
The deal between Google and Twitter to bring more tweets into Google's search results announced earlier this year is finally delivering on its promise. Google is now showing tweets in a new and more graphical way on mobile devices, with desktop …
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SEO Class: Use Google Webmaster Tools Like a Pro

SEO Class: Use Google Webmaster Tools Like a Pro
Event on 2015-04-28 19:00:00
About the Workshop:

Data is powerful. We all know that. Unfortunately, understanding how to interpret the data can be difficult. In this two hour workshop, we will dive into understanding how to properly configure your Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), how to interpret the data, and finally, how to optimize your website from what you found.

 Who Should Attend this Workshop:

This workshop is perfect for anyone who is managing a website or looking to improve a websites performance. Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or a marketer looking to pick up some new skills there will be plenty to be gleaned from this event.

 What You Will Learn:

  • How to setup Google Webmaster Tools
  • How to interpret the data in GWT
  • How to better optimize your website


  • Have a basic understanding of how to manage a website

 About Your Instructor:

My name is Garrett Mehrguth, MBA. I am the CEO and Founder of Directive Consulting. I speak throughout OC and LA on digital marketing and SEO. When I am not running Directive Consulting, working on client projects, or playing foosball you can catch me surfing or hanging out with my girlfriend.

at Directive Consulting
1691 Kettering St
Irvine, United States

Dental Websites That ‘Play Nice’ with Mobile Devices Given Priority, Says AIM Dental Marketing President and Google Webmaster Authority

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) April 01, 2015

Since mid-2013, the majority of web searches have originated from a mobile device. That percentage continues to increase.

The Problem with Being ‘Traditional’

A traditional website is usually designed for viewing from a desktop computer. When viewed on a mobile device, the user experience is lacking in a number of important respects. Buttons and text are smaller, navigating the site involves pinching and zooming the screen, while some elements might not work at all.

Google Webmaster Tools: The Must Know Features For SEO

Google Webmaster Tools: The Must Know Features For SEO
Integrating analytics to your search engine optimization campaigns is a major step that you can take in order to magnify the results of your SEO digital marketing system. Among the most valuable analytic tools in the industry today is the Google …
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Currys reports SEO success
Consumer electronics retailer Currys has reported a 15.3% increase in search engine optimisation (SEO) traffic volume over the last year, with the company's online reach doubling between May 2012 and May 2014. Currys expanded the keywords it …
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True or False; buying an 'SEO IP address' helps you rank no.1
The world of SEO is a minefield of myths, the majority of which claim to help sites “get ranked on page 1 (faster, quicker, cheaper, for free!)”. The topic of dedicated IP addresses for SEO is no exception. There is still some confusion as to whether …
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The Google Webmaster Tool significance in SEO

The Google Webmaster Tool significance in SEO
SEO pros view the Webmaster Tool of Google as the most valuable analytic tools that a webmaster should never dispense in using. The tool comes loaded with very useful SEO analytic tools that almost all search engine optimization companies in Atlanta …
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Ignite Visibility Announces SEO Advice on Google Penguin 3 Update
San Diego, CA, August 30, 2014 –(– Ignite Visibility, a premier Internet marketing company focusing on SEO, social media, CRO, pay per click and more, has released 13 critical SEO strategies to implement before the next Google Penguin update.
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8 Advanced Webmaster Tools You Should Be Using for Better SEO

8 Advanced Webmaster Tools You Should Be Using for Better SEO
Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is one of the most powerful resources in an online marketer's toolbox — especially when it comes to SEO. Most of us know how to get around in GWT, and are familiar with some of its basic functions. But there's so much you …
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21 Metrics For Monitoring SEO Health
Monitoring SEO health is vital to maintaining a successful search program. Slips in performance can happen at the drop of a dime, and waiting until the next monthly report to come out before discovering poor performance can be devastating to your program.
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Will Google My Business Kill SEO?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has always been difficult for most businesses, particular smaller ones like mine. Just about every client I know is trying to find the silver bullet of search: the secret way to get your company listed on the first page …
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