How to Write An Internet Marketing Plan Course Atlanta*

How to Write An Internet Marketing Plan Course Atlanta*
Event on 2017-08-11 10:30:00
Click here for details. or directly to Video click here. ​Summary: This is a live tutorial to help you develop your Internet Marketing Plan.   You can develop it during the class!   You will be provided with a template to use for the plan.  MS Word, Pages and Adobe formats are available.   If you opt not to take the course, you are still able to purchase the template. Topics include, but are not limited to subjects to help you develop a plan and strategy for the following: Your products, services, and overall organization. How to pinpoint a focus for your company versus driving it on a daily basis. Setting a strategy to capitalize on selling. Developing and committing to a revenue stream direction. Researching and deciding which audience to target. Developing a branding strategy. Fine tuning to decide how to be different. A scary, but important look at your competitors. The discovery of legalities within your industry. Getting deep inside of your customer. Understanding the new media. Setting yourself up for viral moments. Grasping the social media phenomenon. Establishing conversion goals. Capitalizing on your website. Using all assets of online marketing, including search engine optimization, pay-per-click, email marketing, social media, etc. Developing a communications plan. Financial projections and budget. Evaluating performance. This is the one class that you don’t want to miss.  Fail to plan, and you may find yourself planning to fail.  We hope not.  Sign up today, so that you may learn how to develop an internet marketing plan for 2017! Dates & online class time:Offered Daily Anytime. Zarlun also offers the following courses (click on course to learn more): Small Business Online Marketing Bootcamp – learn how to fully market your business online. Web Design Course – learn how to create a website for your business. e-commerce Web Design Course – learn how to sell and market your products online. How to Make an Online Commercial – make a rockin online commercial for your business! Low Cost Internet Advertising – blast your business online to get as many customers as possible. Branding & Maximizing Your Online Visibility – a successful marketing strategy includes branding your business. Online Reputation Management – techniques to manage your reputation online (bad reviews, unwanted details about your business, private details, etc.) Internet Marketing Plan Course – learn how to develop a strategy for your online marketing, includes resources to help you be successful with digital advertising. Hidden Discount.  Take 10% of Weebly website. Refer to for all course details and policies.

at Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Atlanta, United States

Google wants to write your Facebook posts for you

Google wants to write your Facebook posts for you
Writing pithy posts that people will like on social media is hard: Every company in the world hires social media experts for that very reason. But a new patent from Google might have the answer for those of us who need help crafting our posts about the …
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See the Chicago River Without Getting on a Boat, Now on Google Street View
“Google's Street view river will allow people of all ages to discover the river, see what it really looks like, and figure out how they can use the river themselves,” Hartman said. “This easy to use navigational tool is like a boat ride down the …
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Google Designs Peppery Doodle To Observe Wilbur Scoville's 151st Birthday
To honour Mr Scoville for his achievements and success Google sketched a doodle and outlined a game for him on his 151st birthday. The doodle has Wilbur Scoville standing in the middle holding a red-hot pepper in his hand. The background of the doodle …
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Content Marketing 101: How To Decide Which Piece Of Content To Write First

Content Marketing 101: How To Decide Which Piece Of Content To Write First
But with blogs, premium content, press releases, and more to choose from, where do you start? Deciding which marketing content to write first can't be solved with a formulaic approach. Your goals, campaign plans, and personal work style are all factors …
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Business buzz: Contractor in solar Top 500; Contentmarketing seminar
"Content Marketing: Techniques of Successful Self-Promotion," a free Manasota SCORE Success Strategies for Business Owners program, will be presented from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday by Andrew Polin at the Community Foundation of Sarasota, 2635 …
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AJ & Jordan Harbinger: If I write my author field like Pat Flynn or John Lee Dumas and interview people like Tim Ferriss and Mark Cuban, I’ll get more traffic, right Richard Branson? ;) ( – The Art of Charm | Confidence | Relationship & Dating Advice | Biohacking | Productivity

AJ & Jordan Harbinger: If I write my author field like Pat Flynn or John Lee Dumas and interview people like Tim Ferriss and Mark Cuban, I’ll get more traffic, right Richard Branson? 😉 ( – The Art of Charm | Confidence | Relationship & Dating Advice | Biohacking | Productivity
from The Art of Charm | Confidence | Relationship & Dating Advice | Biohacking | Productivity
Price: USD 0
View Details about AJ & Jordan Harbinger: If I write my author field like Pat Flynn or John Lee Dumas and interview people like Tim Ferriss and Mark Cuban, I’ll get more traffic, right Richard Branson? 😉 (

Write Right: Shweiki Media Printing Company Presents a Webinar on 12 Surefire Strategies for Creating Incredibly Popular Blog Posts

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 07, 2015

Shweiki Media Printing Company teams up with Gini Dietrich, founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, to present the second installment of a five-part video series on how one can get blog posts read and shared. Here, in the second part of the series, the expert discusses different strategies to implement to make blog posts as popular as possible.

1. The Manifesto: Manifestos are published verbal declarations of the intentions, motives or views of the issuer.

2. The Debate: Debate blogs can create a fun environment where people can agree or disagree in a very professional way.

3. The Good: It’s easy to talk about the bad and the ugly and have everyone pile on, but it’s hard to talk about the good and get the same reaction. FedEx had a social media issue when one of their drivers was caught on camera throwing a package over the fence instead of taking it to the door. FedEx responded brilliantly, and a blog reported on the crisis and then discussed the way in which FedEx handled the situation.

4. The Bad: Spin Sucks also writes blogs discussing communication crises and how companies can avoid PR disasters.

5. The Ugly: Bob LeDrew discusses the difference between a news hook and a newsjacking. A bad example of newsjacking is something like “What Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death taught me about marketing.”

6. The Lists: People might always complain about lists, but the truth is that they are super effective and people use them all the time. There are two types of lists people most commonly use:

-Research-Based Lists: Peer to Peer Professional Forum looks at the top ten programs by total gross revenue every year and how much revenue each programlike Relay for Lifegenerates.

-Popularity Contest Lists: Kim Garst took the hashtag #LikeAGirl and listed 30 women in social media who were rocking it like a girl. That essentially automatically gave her thirty women who read her blog, shared her content and brought her content to their readers.

7. The “Something of the Year”: This type of blog is typically used to unofficially award people for having the best something for the year, such as People magazines Sexiest Man Alive or Godot Media’s Top 99 Social Media Marketing Blogs.”

8. The Book Reviews: This type works best as a monthly blog post. The author will visit the blog and bring their readers with them, creating a lot of traffic.

9. The Interviews: Interviews can generate great traffic for a blog because they engage both the blog’s community and the interviewee’s community. For example, Spin Sucks invites an author to hang out for an hour and in the comments they answer questions from their readers. Once, the hour is up, the conversation is then transcribed into a blog post.

10. The Parables: Parables are great for asking questions that do not normally get asked about the industry:

-How do you run your business?

-What is it like walking on the company floor?

11. Trends: People may always complain about trends, but the truth is that they are extremely popular and its important to capitalize on the opportunities they create.

12. Smarty Pants: Smarty-pants blogs are clever pieces that generate a lot of clicks. For example, one blog was titled “Eleven Words Guaranteed to Generate Killer Search Engine Traffic and Clicks” and that was it. It had no content, just the title, which was exactly 11 words. This blog entry generated a lot of clicks and traffic with just 11, which is what the title said it would do.

Click here to watch the webinar now!

Shweiki Media’s mission has always been to help publishers improve by providing the most profitable, hassle-free printing experience possible. This includes guaranteeing the highest quality product, exceptional customer service, world-class communication, an on-time guarantee, and no surprises–whether printing magazines, postcards, flyers or anything else.

As a printer and publisher, Shweiki Media also believes that this hassle-free experience includes making their clients better. Utilizing relationships with industry experts, Shweiki Media strives to educate clients and help them thrive in the exciting world of publishing–while having lots of fun along the way!

For more great info from and about Shweiki Media, please check out our blog at (and sign up for our FREE weekly expert webinars!), and subscribe to our Youtube Channel at

Learn to Write Website Copy that Converts

Learn to Write Website Copy that Converts
Event on 2015-04-25 09:00:00

Want to learn how to write for websites and kick start your flexible part-time career?

Seminar Sat 14th March 2015

Do you have a passion for writing? Do you have areas of interest or expertise you'd love to write about?

Would you like to find flexible part time work that fits around a family?

Brilliant Blue Internet Marketing are looking to find Northern Beaches professional and amateur writers who want to transfer their existing skills to the digital world.

By offering a free one day seminar we'll give you the opportunity to dip your toe into the digital world and see if it is for you.

The very best attendees may be offered contracting opportunities at Brilliant Blue. 

In particular we are looking for people with backgrounds in the professions and small businesses. 

During the seminar Brilliant Blue founder Deb Jeffreys will be explaining

1. The mindset of the digital surfer

2. How digital copywriting differs from traditional writing

3. How to write the perfect about and service pages and

4. How to turn an interview into a perfect team page

At the end of the one day session you'll take away some great new knowledge which you can use to kick-start your career as a digital writer.

Scroll up the page to book or email for more information.

Some of Brilliant Blue's Results

The Windcraft Group

The Windcraft Group are Australia and New Zealand's largest yacht dealers. Since 2009 Brilliant Blue have designed and delivered all Windcaft's websites and content.  

As a result of their web design, SEO and content marketing expertise, in excess of 25,000 visitors a month use the websites. The vast majority of the traffic comes from google search.

The websites are so successful that yacht dealers around the globe refer to Windcraft's website as the gold standard and the sites have been extensively copied. 

Measurable results are that Windcraft Australasia sell 10% of Global market share of Hanse Group yachts. Warmed up leads contact the sales team directly and convert quickly. 



 Vetaround Mobile Vet Services

Ari Ende relies on the Internet as a primary source of new business. Vetaround's professional website is number one in the Google Rankings for the major keywords and continually delivers quality new clients. 

"Our business website was looking dated and needed a revamp, and we weren't happy with our current website managers – we shopped around and were immediately drawn to Brilliant Blue. A few weeks later had a great new website, and have had great feedback from clients since about the new look. The website has no doubt drawn new customers to my business and I feel that it has been worth every cent spent.

But wait there's more! Deb has been a fountain of knowledge on all aspects of internet and web marketing and social media, and we're really grateful for her knowledge and expertise and the huge impact it has had on our business". Ari Ende


 Glebe Family Medical Practice

Glebe Family Medical Practice contacted Brilliant Blue after a new competitor moved into the area and took some market share.

The team re-built the website and delivered content to successfully connect with the local community. They also set up successful online advertising delivering measurable results. 

Glebe Family Medical Practice is once again busy and in the process of expanding it's premises to cope with patient demand.

"Straightaway we realised we had found someone with invaluable marketing experience who explained the pitfalls and advantages of the online world."
Jacqui Ellsmore Practice Manager or visit our website for more information

Scroll to the top of this page to book your place in this free seminar

Please note: By attending this event you will also receive a complimentary subscription to Brilliant Blue's occasional e-newsletter, full of digital marketing ideas and strategies for business growth. You can opt out at any time.

at Brilliant Blue
Suite A 43
Brookvale, Australia

How To Write Kick Ass Content | Online Marketing by BigRedDog Solutions

How To Write Kick Ass Content | Online Marketing by BigRedDog Solutions
Event on 2015-04-14 11:30:00
A Lunch & Learn Hosted By: 

This event cost is: Free! This is a bring your own bag-lunch style event BYOBL*

When: Tuesday, April 14th from 11:30am-12:30pm 

Where: France Place Office Complex | 1st Floor Confrence Room A  
3601 Minnesota Drive | Bloomington, MN 55435

Why: Today more than ever producing rich, unique content plays a vital role in the success of online marketing. We will use this time to discuss important best practices in producing content and free tools you can use to better improve results.  

*There is an option to purchase a lunch within the office's cafateria and is suggested to please come 15 minutes early if you would like to take use of this option. 

For additional questions/comments please contact me personally anytime at: brooks@bigreddogsolutions | 952-412-4097 

Event Schedule

11:30am: please be present
11:30am-11:40am: general networking & introductions 
11:45am-12:15pm: presentation on online marketing (also lunch time)
12:15pm-12:30pm: open Q&A – questions from the audience
12:30pm: back to work 🙂
About the Speaker 

Brooks Clifford 
Owner of BigRedDog Solutions

Brooks has always been a self-labeled entrepreneur. He started his first company back in 2002 at the age of 15, selling ‘virtual goods’ on a e-commerce website he and his brother built titled After graduating from James Madison University in 2009 he moved back to Minneapolis and started his own market research company, focused on providing quantitative research within the beverage industry. Over time Brooks got more involved with online marketing and in 2014 rebranded his company BigRedDog Solutions. Today his company provides web development and search engine optimization services enhanced with his Google Analytics Certification. Aside from his business, Brooks has a strong passion for finance, he's a 'bitcoin enthusiast' and is a passionate video gamer. 

at France Place – 1st Floor, Conference Room A
3601 Minnesota Drive
Bloomington, United States

How To Write Great Content For Your Business or Blog (Intermediate) Brisbane Rocklea

How To Write Great Content For Your Business or Blog (Intermediate) Brisbane Rocklea
Event on 2015-03-17 13:30:00


How To Write Great Content For Your Business or Blog (Intermediate)

If you want to build your blog and write better content for your website, then this workshop is essential for you. In this intermediate workshop, you will spend 3 hours, with Tan-Ja and learn the skills of how to: 

  • Writing Structures for your Business Website and Blog to Capture a Wider Audience

  • Set up a Blogging and Content Writing Calendar to Organise Your Content

  • How to Use Call to Action Statements to Entice Readers

  • Undertaking Keyword Research to Optimize Your SEO

  • How to Get Great Content if You Don’t Have Time to Write it Yourself

  • Create Your Own Visual Content Using Canva

Please Bring Your Own Laptop or Device For the Practical Skill Sessions


This is a 3 hour workshop (1.30pm – 4.30pm) with a short break during the workshop

  • Event Held: “OUR BUSINESS HUB”
  • Address: 4/1311 Ipswich Rd, ROCKLEA (Via Abercrombie St, Off Sherwood Rd)
  • Parking: Entry is via Abercrombie St, second Driveway on the Left
  • Tea and Coffee provided.
  • Numbers Strictly Limited
  • Follow Up Support in Relation to Workshop Content Guaranteed 


  • Although not necessary, it is recommended that you attend the beginners workshop first. 
  • If you blog or write regularly and are familiar with the beginner topics, this workshop will benefit you.



What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

To Get to Our Business Hub, please visit the website for directions: (copy and paste it into your browser if you can't click on it)

If you still require assistance, contact Tan-Ja directly via email.


What can/can't I bring to the event?

For you to get maximum benefit from this workshop, it is highly recommended that you bring a laptop or computer of some kind with you, otherwise writing paper and pens will be provided.

Bring access to your website if you have it (login details).


Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Email Tan-Ja with any queries at or contact her through her


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?



What is the refund policy?

Up until one week prior to the event, you are able to obtain a 50% refund on your ticket. 

The ticket is transferable to another person should you wish to transfer it at your own discretion without incurring costs to the event coordinator.



at Our Business Hub
4/1311 Ipswich Rd,
Rocklea, Australia