Take Advantage of Amazon’s Money-Saving Deals When Purchasing New Book “Emotional Assault: Recognizing the Abusive Partner’s Bag of Tricks”

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) November 05, 2013

The holidays can be a frustrating and lonely time for women trapped in emotionally abusive relationships. The pressure to look like the perfect couple or family from the outside while feeling like she is slowly dying on the inside often becomes too much for mentally abused women to bear. When everyone believes the happy couple facade, the emotionally abused woman feels even more isolated, desperate, and completely overwhelmed. “Emotional Assault” is a lifeline for such women. The author identifies with their pain and brings hope for a brighter future.

There are several ways for readers to save money on Lisa Kroulik’s new book:

1. Readers in the UK can save 62 percent on the book Wednesday, November 6 through Friday, November 8 thanks to Amazon’s new Kindle Countdown Deals. Regularly

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