Take Google Maps Indoors

More info: http://maps.google.com/starthere Lost indoors? Take Google Maps on your Android phone to select airports, malls, and retail stores to get floor la…

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24 Responses to Take Google Maps Indoors

  1. mop10000 says:

    good idea 

  2. G. Annabel Hahn says:

    where is the walk you doggie at night virtual robot? LOL

  3. marcopaquetti says:

    yep you’ve hit the nail on the head im always looking for awesome ios games, if your looking for a game now try this: bit.ly/17tQ71n?=ghass

  4. DaWarcrafta says:

    Did he die?

  5. Michael Mendoza says:


  6. Limaduder says:

    Who else had to double check the date to make sure it wasn’t another April Fools video.

  7. mateuszkubala552 says:

    and if there is more than one level?

  8. swami ariyan kumar ji says:

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  9. Kamikadze012 says:

    Рандомный русский коммент

  10. LavaDraco24 says:

    Very good idea but will change how people think.

  11. Tyler Small says:

    The nose knows, ya know?

  12. Aditsan Kadmus says:

    Google maps in doors … Because asking people for directions is too main stream!

  13. moneyboss360 says:

    Marco Polo was 1 person

  14. mimo7772512 says:

    Will it find Polo or Marco?

  15. Haafingar Guard says:

    I’m gonna use this on Area 51 …

  16. silvermonky123 says:

    Lol map at 0:15 makes a little detour

  17. rEsTnPeAcEz says:

    That’s stalking…

  18. TobiasBoon1980 says:

    With the pace technology is developing at, I’m having a harder time knowing whats real or just a joke since all there “jokes” are actually possible, whether they think it’s worth developing or not.

  19. iDEBS says:

    I hear Apple is working on an App, its called iLocate Waldo.

  20. highfivetolife says:

    google nose is its april fools day joke

  21. Sebasten L'Abbe says:

    i always run into a Minotaur when i find out my favorite board game is in sale (Minotaur is also a shop)

  22. Kwatsan Darbinian says:

    does it work with skyrim dungeons. hmmm i think i pasted this dead body before???

  23. Jeff Savage says:

    check the upload date before you troll everyone on youtube

  24. Jonathan Tsai says:

    April Fools

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