Taking robots from the lab to grade school

Taking robots from the lab to grade school
While USC's robotics lab conducts cutting-edge research, an afterschool program funded by the university is studying artificial intelligence at a more elementary level — as in, elementary school. troybots, a USC Neighborhood Outreach (UNO)-funded …
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DARPA wants to build low-cost robots that mimic your hand's finest movements
What started as a lofty goal is slowly moving closer to reality, as DARPA continues research on low-cost robotic hands capable of accomplishing everyday human tasks. In yet another show of progress, the agency has released a clip of a robot that can …
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How a New Army of Robots Can Cut the Defense Budget
Given the tremendous advancements taking place in the field of robotics right now, the increased use of robot soldiers by the Pentagon seems all but inevitable — drastically altering the way the United States wages war. But the rise of robots will …
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