Talent Cloud changing Michigan Job Market

Lansing, Michigan (PRWEB) October 24, 2013

Quick quiz: (1). Remember corded-phones (aka landlines with cords) that forced you to stay in one spot for an entire conversation? (2) Remember jobs tied to one location, confining you to one small area – until you hated your job?

Both of those mainstays of the Industrial Age are giving way to a new, more flexible Michigan-wide labor market thanks to the Talent Cloud, Organik Consulting President Nicole Meloche told the Michigan Manufacturing Talent Summit on Thursday.

Michigan manufacturers, now fueling U.S. economic growth by creating more new manufacturing jobs than any other state, pioneered cloud-like behavior with innovations like just in time delivery and flexible staffing, Meloche said.

New 3D imaging and related technologies combining designing with manufacturing are making manufacturing and making things as appealing to many of todays tech-minded students as software-making was to their grandparents, Meloche said.

The challenge: getting the word out to the students – and parents – who arent yet aware of these ongoing developments. Meloche spoke to manufacturers on how to change conversations and break old stereotypes about manufacturing with compelling digital marketing and communications showing how manufacturing is cool again, because of the new opportunities available.

For years, most Americans were farmers, running their own businesses, setting their own schedules: home, work and fun were interconnected, Meloche said. The industrial age changed everything: parents had to leave home to work set hours. The Talent Cloud is bringing us back to a flexible world where home, work and fun can be intertwined once again.

The Talent Cloud is the latest flexibilty innovation, benefiting customers and staffers alike. The era of Facetime, Skype and Google Hangouts (technology allowing people to feel close even when they are far apart) is becoming more widespread in Michigans workplaces thanks to the Talent Cloud.

Just as companies are moving to the cloud to safely protect their data, Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Organik Consulting has developed and pioneered use of the Talent Cloud to offer workers and clients the ultimate perk of flexibility. The result: revenues have quintupled in the past year as Organik has become Michigans fastest growing digital marketing and communications firm with clients and staff across the state.

Nearly 75 percent of workers in a national survey say a flexible environment is one of the most important factors they consider in picking a job. Organik clients, simultaneously, prefer the value of paying for top talent without the large infrastructure costs tied to traditional ad and public relations firms. Gallup research found off-site workers are often more engaged.

The era of a company starting in Detroit or Grand Rapids then expanding to other cities? Not necessary with the Talent Cloud: Organik scaled up focusing on Michigan as its home base, tackling statewide campaigns with talent spread throughout the state.

Contractors living across Michigan and beyond can now work for businesses anywhere in the state, which ultimately means more employment growth and economic success.

We have an incredibly talented Marquette-based graphics specialist who now works regularly and simultaneously with staffers in Grand Rapids, Traverse City and Southeast Michigan, Meloche said. Most businesses start with a city-wide focus. We focus on all of Michigan and beyond.

Similarly, while many organizations worry about a talented staffer leaving or being unable to attract talent from outside of the state, Organik has cut the chains: for example, a talented video editor working for Organik in Michigan accepted an opportunity to work on a major film in Hollywood but continued working for Organik from Hollywood, helping all clients at once.

While most businesses begin focused only on a home city or regional market, Organik is a Michigan-focused digital marketing and communications firm with clients across the region including Grand Rapids, Lansing, Traverse City, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Warren, Romulus, Ohio and Ontario. With the accessibility of the Talent Cloud, Organik is leading the way in tying together staffers across Michigan focusing on statewide growth.

“Geography and real estate used to impact growth, forcing companies to start with a ‘home market’ and grow from there but the digital economy transcends geography and our Talent Cloud allows us to draw upon talent when and where we need it,” Meloche said.

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