Talentral Launches Rich Media Profile Platform for Job Seekers

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) July 24, 2013

Talentral Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of its rich media professional profile platform. This comprehensive platform, aimed at experienced professionals, recent grads, and college students, allows presentation of careers and professional stories in more compelling format than the old-fashioned resume. Talentral Profiles support common rich media file types, are natively optimized for search engines and provide an intuitive user experience. When it comes to reviewing candidates and applicants, the vast majority of recruiters and hiring managers surveyed strongly prefer Talentral profiles to other available options.

Members are able to create as many profiles as they like on the Talentral platform, each focusing on a specific career aspect, thus showcasing what is most relevant to the viewer. The platform is effectively a portfolio management and repository system where achievements can easily be stored long term, and assembled in a profile to communicate a specific story. Search engine optimized profiles facilitate discovery by recruiters and hiring managers.

Our mission is to enable professionals to take charge of their career and allow compelling communication of their expertise and accomplishments, all the while building their Personal Brand, said Kamyar Faron, Talentrals Founder & CEO.

A well managed Personal Brand often makes the difference between just having a job and having a thriving career, added Faron.

In todays competitive job market, professionals need every edge to better position themselves and showcase their achievements. Talentrals platform is a key component of a well managed career and personal brand. As opposed to simply putting a resume together from time to time, successful career management and personal branding results in truly fulfilling opportunities.

About Talentral

Talentral is a privately held company headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. It was founded in 2012 by a group of visionaries, designers and talented engineers. Talentral is bringing innovations to talent acquisition and job search market. The old-fashioned resume should be brought to the digital age and Talentral is meeting that challenge by supporting rich media to present professional portfolios. Talentral members create digital profiles which is the much needed differentiation in todays completive job market.

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