Talib Kweli and Avery Johnson Get Grub at Junior’s Restaurant – Road To Brooklyn

Talib Kweli and Avery Johnson Get Grub at Junior's Restaurant - Road To Brooklyn

Rapper Talib Kweli and Brooklyn Nets coach Avery Johnson talk famous Brooklynites, Brook Lopez, and the need to succeed during a ‘welcome to the borough’ lunch at world famous Junior’s restaurant. Life+Times | Twitter: full.sc Life+Times | Facebook: full.sc LifeandTimes.com full.sc Itunes: full.sc

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23 Responses to Talib Kweli and Avery Johnson Get Grub at Junior’s Restaurant – Road To Brooklyn

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  2. jrad5621 says:

    Johnson: hi there, hi, hi, heey booys xx

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  4. Heidi Abella says:

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  5. Saul Goodman says:

    Can we just… remove this vid…?

  6. Amal Handley says:


  7. big973e says:

    In Order to Survive Got to Learn to Live with Regrets

  8. bugzyb100 says:

    nice vid regardless of the firing

  9. Daniël de Veer says:

    First time I notice Action Bronson in the intro on 0.32

  10. NeutralRanger says:

    I felt so weird watching this….

  11. 2paczfan says:

    u crazy

  12. iCorrupted1 says:


  13. omacronalpha1 says:

    “It was all good just a week ago….”

  14. jab819 says:

    HIRE AVERY! On another team…..

  15. FearISaWMD says:

    lol Avery is gone, they should take this video off the air.

  16. Kristopher Campbell says:

    and now they just fired him. sucks!

  17. snotragmusic says:

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  18. Luki Carter says:

    this nigga talk too much

  19. dasayheykid says:

    Very awkward…”elephant in the room”

  20. Amari Hemmings says:

    well this is awkward ..

  21. mike369MAS says:

    They got to delete this video now

  22. AlejoChris73092 says:

    crazy how 6 days later and after being named coach of the month he gets fired.

  23. bruce davis says:


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