Talking Tech | 3 fun, free exercise tracking apps

Talking Tech | 3 fun, free exercise tracking apps
MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. – I can't walk down the street anymore without looking at my smartphone. The info on MapMyRun is just too intoxicating. According to the free app, every few steps is another calorie burned, and I'm out to eliminate as many of …
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Artist creates vintage world map of the online universe
However, this amazing image actually shows the online world – with the most popular websites replacing the traditional countries. Created by Slovakian artist Martin Vargic, it is based on the iconic National Geographic maps of the world – but with a …
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Getting to the root of the problem
Twenty-one percent of whites earning below 100% of poverty reportedly had “poor to fair” health compared with only 4% of whites making more than 400% of poverty. Education level is another indicator of health. According to the report, a 25-year-old …

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