Talking to Chat Bot

This is a chat bot I found a few days ago on the internet, I am not a pervert I’m trying to get reactions. Peace out!
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25 Responses to Talking to Chat Bot

  1. chingun0325 says:

    you are not talking you are chatting with chat bot !!!!

  2. 666boogerwang says:


  3. DeathAssasin57 says:

    this was real but now it got removed

  4. RORitzRJ says:


  5. joseph edwards says:

    Whoever pressed mute give this a thumbs up

  6. chriskeene20 says:

    pushes you on bed LOL

  7. 666boogerwang says:

    i think so, i was going to make another one of these since people like this video so much, but i couldn’t find it to make it

  8. ghalbleib says:

    @DARKZ0NEBOY21 I tried typing Obama is gay and nothing happened so OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

  9. Rocker295013 says:

    no there IS AN ACTUAL site alled its real.

  10. Natthawut tosukhowong says:

    don’t type obama is gay cause it will….

  11. T00NLiNk73 says:

    devil worshiping bastard.

  12. majorevangelism says:


  13. jojchiable says:

    I created my chatbot at chatbot4u website, it’s free and works at facebook and MSN

  14. gsm051115 says:

  15. 666boogerwang says:

    I think we all know its totrally fake

  16. gsm051115 says:

    This is fake. I posted my youtube user on it and someone messaged me saying the bot is fake. Ask briartanglepath for proof

  17. Brandon Burrage says:

    “i don’t have a cock” “oh sorry” xDDDD

  18. MrAntonio9099 says:

    chat bot raped me! D:

  19. Hi675445 says:

    it not a bot rilly it to people being fooled in to thinking the overone is that hoow it woks

  20. 1993gandy says:

    some people pay a lot of money for that to happen to them

  21. 666boogerwang says:

    well unless you want perverted sh*t to be shouted at you, I’m pretty sure that’s not a bad thing, lol

  22. AceTennisUcoz says:

    it never lets me load the page

  23. sdsdfg99 says:

    Well when i said hello it said shove your dick up my pussy….

  24. Mary-Ane Aiturau says:

    aww i love chatbot lol its funny

  25. fretsonfirepreviews says:

    lol I do not want to have sex with a pop tart!

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