Tapping into Consumer Sentiment on Social Networks

Tapping into Consumer Sentiment on Social Networks
The attitude may be the writer's judgement, their emotional state or the emotional tone that the author wished to communicate to the reader. The challenge is in determining the 'polarity' of a given comment for example. Beyond polarity, sentiment …
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Forget "50 Shades of Grey" — Amish fiction is hot, and a woman in a headcover
Jude falls hard for the newly invented flying machine and, to complicate matters further, it's 1917 and World War I is raging in Europe. Amish communities are held in contempt by their “English” neighbors because they speak German and refuse to fight.
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World Anger Day: what's driving our rage?
Anger is an emotional response to an obstacle or a threat. It is a burst of energy, … They had yelled and screamed at him, all in frustration at not being able to figure out their machine, or under pressure of a deadline that wasn't met owing to a …
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