Targeted Advertising for the Oil and Gas Industry

(PRWEB) February 28, 2014

Shale Markets now has a program to advertise to an audience that is mostly O&G Related. Most people that visit are interested in the O&G Industry. This site is an excellent source for marketing to this audience. is an Oil & Gas News and Events Aggregator, providing 30-50 news stories per weekday, as well as the majority of industry events.

Shale Markets works with local businesses to promote products and services directly to companies involved in the oil & gas supply chain. Due to the nature of the content on the websites, visitors are primarily interested in the Oil & Gas Industry. There really is no other reason for web surfers to be visiting these websites, liking Facebook pages, reading tweets, and connecting on LinkedIn.

Shale Markets has teamed up with other websites creating a vast network that is unmatched in the Oil & Gas World. Working with these websites allows Shale Markets to control a message and push that message out across various platforms to potentially millions of viewers.

Network Stats as of January 2014

77,052 page views
47,777 Visitors
2,659 different combinations of O&G search terms resulting in over 62,000 searches pointing to web pages
541 different combinations of O&G search terms showing up in Google Top 10 Results
7,098 pages indexed on Google, Bing and Yahoo searches
More than 1 Million Banner Impressions (Remember, targeted to the O&G Industry)

Social Analytics as of January 2014


Retweet Reach in January: 2.02 Million

Facebook: 13,257 likes

LinkedIn: 2950 Connections

Why Does This Matter?

In todays mobile world, social media has taken a major role in getting the word out. Companies will hire full time employees to develop a social media presence, and many companies do not come close to the numbers that Shale Markets and partners has. Note, most followers are Oil and Gas professionals, thus they are a targeted audience. Shale Markets has perfected the art of Social Media Marketing, and clients can benefit from that mastery.

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