Tay Wei Kiat, Former Director of WickedSoft Current Director of Unignal Software Team, Released a New Useful Application.

(PRWEB) January 23, 2005

Tay Wei Kiat, former director of WickedSoft current director of Unignal Software Team who provided the base source code for the latest Babya Discover has come out with a new useful application at the Babya Expo.

GooGNews- Good News for Google News Users

A customizable, user-friendly and free toolbar that allows you immediate access to the lastest Google headline news, GooGNews is a must-have for users who wants to be constantly updated with the lastest events or happenings, and armed with the lastest piece of information that is made availabe on the Internet.

Why not just go to Google News? Keeping a browser open all the time just to keep abreast of the news is not always practical. GooGNews comes to the rescue! Don’t miss out on the news just because you don’t want to open a web browser!

With GooGNews, users no longer need manually browse through scrolls of irrevelant news in the Google News to obtain the information they wanted. No longer do they need to check their mail more than frequently to be updated with the lastest headline news. GooGNews do so much work of you, that it makes news browsing seems so easy, fast and convenient.

And it won’t take up much space in your desktop. The headline of all Google news are summarized and displayed in just one line, taking up approximately only 5% of your total desktop space!

Moreover, GooGNews comes with a powerful search bar. The bar allows you to search all major search engines and dictionaries. Before is a full list of search engine services that you can access directly through GooGNews Search Bar:

Google Web

Google Images

Google Groups

Google News

Open Website (You may enter website address here to open the that website)


Spell Check (Powered by Dictionary.com)








Yahoo! Web

Yahoo! Images

Yahoo! Directory

Yahoo! News

Msn Web

Msn News

Msn Dictionary

Msn Encarta

Msn Stock Quotes

Msn Movies

Msn Shopping

(Users may request the author to add more search services to GooGNews Search Bar by sending a feedback to the author via the built in “Submit Feedback” feature in GooGNews, which can be accessed by Menu -> Help -> Submit Feedback)

Below are detailed breakdown of other features/options found in GooGNews and additional information about their usage.

1)Show Latest News Only

Use: On average, Google News Homepage contains 100++ news articles. It may seem like a good idea to display all of these news on GooGNews. In actual fact, many of the news are actually repeats. Google News works by pushing each related News one “step” down whenever a newer version of the same News is discovered. Hence, by activating “Show Latest News Only” feature, GooGNews automatically filter out older News and display only the latest. This allows you to be constantly updated about what is happening around the world without reading through all the 100++ News. How to access: Menu->Show Latest News Only

2)Fast Scrolling

Use: Everyone read at a different speed. The default scrolling speed of headlines in GooGNews may be too slow for some, thus there is a need to provide fast readers another options. Enabling Fast Scrolling increases the scrolling speed drastically. How to access: Menu->More Options->Fast Scrolling

3)Auto Refresh News

Use: News are not static. Updates can appear anytime. Hence, it is necessary to be updated about happenings around the world constantly. Enabling this option will cause GooGNews to automatically “Refresh News” every 30 minutes, which is not long enough for you to miss out any News update, while not short enough for you to finish going through all 100++ News if you want to.

How to access: Menu->More Options->Auto Refresh News

4)Quick View

Use: Whenever you do a search using GooGNews Search bar or click on any scrolling News article, GooGNews will attempt to launch the website. GooGNews gives you the options of viewing the website in your default web browser, or using the built in web browser in GooGNews. Enabling Quick View allows you to launch web pages using the built in browser, while disabling it cause GooGNews to lanuch web pages using your default browser. Quick View is enabled by default, and highly recommended as Quick View saves you the trouble of waiting for your web browser to load. How to access: Menu->More Options->Quick View

5)Vibration Alert

Use: Whenever GooGNews is ready to start scrolling the latest headlines from Google News, the main GooGNews bar will vibration for a short amount of time, at the same time displaying the number of valid News articles it detected. Vibration alert engage your attention whenever News update is available. How to access: Menu->More Options->Vibration Alert

6)Google News Home

Use: You may sometime feel the need to visit the Google News Homepage. Clicking on this allows you to do so directly. How to access: Menu->Google News Home

7)Auto Snap To Screen Edge

Use: If this option is enabled, moving GooGNews near to any of your screen edge will cause GooGNews to automatically dock at the edge.

How to access: Menu->More Options->Auto Snap To Screen Edge

8)Set Transparency

Use: Do you like/dislike the default see-through property of GooGNews bar? Change the transparency of GooGNews by using this option. How to access: Menu->More Options->Set Transparency

9)Submit Feedback

Use: Feel that you have any suggestions/feedbacks/comments/complaints you want to make to the author? Submit your feedback via the built in Submit Feedback system!

How to access: Menu->Help->Submit Feedback

10)GooGNews Update Manager

Use: This feature is normally hidden. It attempts to check for any GooGNews update whenever GooGNews is used. If no update is found, the update manager will quietly close itself. However, if an update is found, a dialog will be displayed, providing you with relevant information about the update and how to get it.

How to access: Menu->Help->Submit Feedback


Use: Select Notebox from the menu launches a seemingly useless window which consisted of nothing but an empty textbox and a “Save” button. Infect, Notebox is quite useful. When using Quick View, you can select text from the built in web browser and drag it into the textbox in Notebox window. Pressing the save button allows you to save the textbox’s content in either plain text or rich text format.

How to access: Quick View Options->Notebox

12)Spell Check

Use: Need to spell a word and simply can’t recall how to spell it? No fear! GooGNew’s latest feature, Spell Check allows you to check your spelling directly from the GooGNews Search bar! How to access: Enter roughly what you think is the correct spelling of the word in the GooGNews Search bar and select “Spell Check” from the drop down list. Press enter. A dialog will shortly appear, telling you if the word is spelled correctly and giving suggestions if it is not. This feature makes use of dictionary.com to do the checking.

13)Open Website

Use: For your convenient, we can now select “Open Website” from the drop down combo of the Search Bar and enter the address of the website you wish to launch and have GooGNews open it for you either via GooGNew’s built in browser or your default browser, depending on your settings. How to access: Select “Open website” from the drop down combo of the search bar and enter the url of the website you want to open into the textbox on the left. Then, press enter.

14)Region Selection

Use: Google News provides different internation versiob for each regions. This feature allows you to chose the region which is news is meant for. How to access: Menu->More options->Select GooGNews Region

15)News vault

Use: An easy feature to archive News links url to a file named News Vault.txt How to access: Activate quick view, press “Quick View Menu”, select “Dump to News Vault”

Babya Software Group’s A.A. Fussy cited, “We’re very excited to have a former developer release new and free software.”

Download/more details at: GoogNews


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