Teaching the ‘Leave It’ Cue | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

Teaching the 'Leave It' Cue | Teacher's Pet With Victoria Stilwell

Follow eHow Pets for regular tips from Victoria Stilwell and more: www.youtube.com Victoria and Spencer demonstrate how to teach a dog to leave a piece of food alone with the Positively Method. In Teacher’s Pet, Victoria Stilwell shows you how to employ her Positively Method to train your dog the right way, growing your level of communication to strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Have a question for Victoria? She’ll be checking in regularly, so be sure to leave your comments and questions below. Victoria Stilwell is widely known as a dog trainer, author, and television presenter. Stilwell served as a judge on the CBS show Greatest American Dog and is best known as the host of the Animal Planet dog training TV show It’s Me or the Dog, where she counsels families with problem pets and solves their dogs’ behavior problems. In 2010, she launched Positively, the world’s first global network of hand-picked world-class dog trainers dedicated to providing the public a brand name they can trust in humane, force-free training. More tips from Victoria: positively.com Find a Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer positively.com
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15 thoughts on “Teaching the ‘Leave It’ Cue | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

  1. Have you tried a higher value treat, like a piece of chicken or cheese? If you have and didn’t work, a toy that she really likes can help you. Now as far as the “Leave it” you can use all sorts of things, toys, sticks, leaves, socks… the list goes on. Now, start with something of low value and then go up from there. My pup has always been food motivated, but I stepped it up a notch, I did sticks, and leaves later on, people, dogs, cats, squirrells… The list goes on. Hope this helps!

  2. How would you teach a dog a command that uses a food lure like “leave it” or “sit” for a dog that’s not as food-motivated, like Candace in the loose-leash videos?

  3. I basically work out of a laptop and sleep in an SUV, which means I can travel pretty much whenever and go where ever I want. Would like to get a terrier of some kind for constant companionship especially when friends and family don’t go with me. I like to camp and hike which I’m sure a dog would love but other than that I don’t know if it’s a responsible decision to subjugate a dog to that lifestyle. Might be hard on me as well in ways I can’t imagine yet. Any opinions?

  4. I remember the point when I was 6 and realized that “God” speaks French to French people. (Instead of English… I was 6…) Now, watching this one, the thought is “huh, dogs in the UK think in “British”. ^ ^

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