Team 469 Robot in Action. (First Robotics Cass Tech Competition)

Team 469 Robot in Action. (First Robotics Cass Tech Competition)

I’m not on team 469. I’m on team 3398. Anyway I recorded their robot in action. I said illegal in the video because at first I thought this was illegal but it’s not. I actually like this robot, but does anyone know how to stop it? lmao! They won at Cass Tech by the way. lol
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to Team 469 Robot in Action. (First Robotics Cass Tech Competition)

  1. Andrew Shi says:

    if you guys didn’t know team 469 still has a pretty darn good shooting system

  2. ausernamenonewants says:

    469? yeah, they were douches at nationals this year, they went insane when they lost their first match

  3. epicpwner0 says:

    If you block them in autonomous, they can’t get in the tunnel, then you can go in the tunnel instead. You will be down a robot, but it’s better than the alternative. Good teammates can more than make up for that.

  4. gaminglikeaboss says:

    These guys were fags just saying

  5. ccool2ax says:

    217’s robot could not physically posess more than one ball. The mechanism only had room for one. They could push balls forward without posessing them.

  6. LeeAnnWithTheCamera says:

    They finally got beat on Einstein last night! -Team 100

  7. WGSen says:

    this bot is like the final boss in a video game–it wins and wins, but it is defeated in the final match!

  8. TheHandsFreeMethod says:

    Hey, whatever works, Ours competes on the 1st of April in houston, our hometown. (Team 2882) Our design is pretty epic. Gotta admit. Ours is probably going to be one of the few that will lift itself up on the bar, kick, go over the bump, under the tunnel and block. We’re pumped. Is this bot coming to Houston next week?

  9. davidrussorules says:

    at mine today we had one asshole who had to do a robot that could hang …and do that …so he was un stoppable untill wee had one guy on ofense and 2 guys infront of the goal….thosesasshole deseve to die

  10. J14stack says:

    the best way to stop this is get momentum early and don’t let balls get into their scoring zone.

  11. falloutboymylove says:

    wow thats insane O: ~ team 2669 (:

  12. patrickpryor123 says:

    Yeah at Cass Tech they called NOTHING!! lmao! Even my robot committed obvious penalties and nothing was called. IDK what the refs problem was.

  13. tookie3100 says:

    i say fuck dat cheating ass robot that bitch should jus fuckin fall apart

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