Tech Analyst Jeff Kagan on Vu Mobile, New Internet Search Tool

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 18, 2013

Todays announcement describes this new type of personalized search engine. Meet V Mobile: A Smarter, Better Way to Make the Internet Yours.

Principal Analyst Jeff Kagan was briefed on this announcement and offers comment.

This is part of the Vu Digital company. Vu is a personalized ecosystem across platforms. Vu Mobile is an App available on Apple App Store and Google Play. MyVu is the users individual and personalized web site that is updated with news, content and recommendations for your computer.

Vu Mobile just launched a wireless app in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

This is a new and exciting idea. Over the years we have watched the Internet grow, get busier and full of more content. It has become difficult for users to find the news stories and content they are looking for. That is what Vu now delivers to users. Vu is a new kind of Internet search that reinvents the entire search space. Says tech analyst Jeff Kagan.

Sifting through the vast Internet to find the news and content you are interested in can be very time consuming. Vu learns what you are interested in and sorts through all the news and information sites you regularly visit, finding the content and stories you are interested in, and gets it to you, quickly and easily. Says Jeff Kagan.

Vu seems to be reinventing the Internet search game. As the Internet continues to grow, this search problem gets larger every year. Search engines deliver thousands of sites to our computer screen. Vu Digital is different. It sorts through the stories and content and delivers what you want, directly to your screen. This is a personalized web experience that a growing number of customers want. According to Jeff Kagan Industry analyst.

This is an interesting new technology and I will offer additional comments as I learn more.

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