Tech-Savvy Teen Sells App to Yahoo! for 30 Million

Nick d’Aloisio, 17, created smartphone app Summly while studying for exams.
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13 thoughts on “Tech-Savvy Teen Sells App to Yahoo! for 30 Million

  1. So if you know how to write code in C and write a news app for a phone at 13 years old you are considered a child prodigy and a genius? Is the general population seriously that stupid now? Is that our standard now??

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  3. I’m always amused by idiots who think what he did was easy. If it was so easy, why didn’t you come up with it? He didn’t just make this app yesterday and sell it to Yahoo today, he started coding AT THE AGE OF 12. It took him 5+ years just to understand the CODE to create this app. His diligence is pretty fucking impressive if you ask me. Rather than calling other ideas boring and mudane, get your ass off the couch and come up with something better. Dipshits.

  4. Yahoo’s checkbook is whipped out regularly to buy or acquire any up and coming product,service or start-up company. It’s like they have some kind secret money tree. …But yay for him

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