Tech Start Up SiteTrail Announces a Complete Suite With Social Media and Webmaster Tools

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 22, 2013, the website that helps users keep track of their favorite sites through trailing and analysis, just announced a new suite of tools for web enthusiasts. This can be used to measure a variety of metrics and provide key information about online brands. Lets take closer look at what is in store:

Social media analysis:

To understand exactly how many followers a brand would have in Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest and other social media platforms. This section will also display traffic data to help users gauge the popularity of any given website.

WHOIS Registrar check:

The WHOIS domain check service can help users find out who the owner is of a domain. This means that just like the owners of a physical store space can be traced, so can the owners of a web property be found and that there has to be no secrecy as to who is owning a site.

What is my IP check:

Also in the free webmaster tools section, users can see what the IP of any device is which is connected to the web and which entered the website. What is great about this service is that the display of internet protocol appears instantaneously. Click here to try this feature now.

Social media news:

Besides the complete analysis of any domain, popular brands such as hulu, facebook and pinterest have their own news sections which include up to date articles written by expert commentators. As part of the SiteTrail drive to incorporate citizen journalism, it is also possible to write articles for visit the website today and sign up to be a writer.

In an environment which is rapidly changing, where new Google ranking factors are added by the day and innovative solutions come from the marketplace, the Editor of had this to say to readers: Offering an online community where the connected generation can find anything related to social media, SEO and even a careers section is what SiteTrail is all about. Our users can look forward to more interesting developments which we have in the pipeline. We welcome contributors to take part in what is becoming a huge trend and to share in the publicity it is creating.

SiteTrail has also launched a Games and Jobs section, which means that the same audience which uses our service for work, now also visits the portal for leisure purposes. The site is highly engaging and keeps users ahead of news developments. Follow SiteTrail on Twitter and keep track of your favorite website.

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