Tech808 – A tech conference for the under served and millennials

Tech808 – A tech conference for the under served and millennials
Event on 2015-06-06 09:00:00
Tech808’s mashup of Hip Hop culture, tech, and entrepreneurship brings together a diverse range of leaders, speakers, and panelists to educate and inspire future CEOs.

Who Should Attend Tech808?

Wantrepreneurs: You are the new guy/girl on the block. You want to start a company but have no idea how. You might have a 9 to 5 gig, been laid off, or decided it was time for a change. All of our speakers have been there, #Tech808 will not only educate you on tactics needed, but it will also leave YOU INSPIRED TO CHASE YOUR DREAMS!

Entrepreneurs: So you already started to chase your dreams? Salutes on that! Now join us at #Tech808 to learn how to take your company and yourself to the next level. We’ve brought together some incredible speakers to teach YOU their tactics that have led them to success.

What Will I Learn At Tech808?

– Executing on deals and partnerships where everyone wins

– How to validate your idea by speaking to customers

– How to persevere when you hit rock bottom

– How to go from 0 to 1000 customers

– If your passion can make you money

– Best practices in content marketing

– How to fund your startup

at George Washington University
2121 I Street, NW
Washington, United States

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