Techniques for Creating a Prominent Online Presence for Artists

Techniques for Creating a Prominent Online Presence for Artists
Event on 2014-11-15 10:00:00
3-hour Workshop

  • November 15, 2014
  • Time: 10am – 1pm

In this seminar Kim will be talking about the unique opportunities that artists have today using the internet. From choosing the best domain name to search engine optimization techniques; this is a focused and condensed version of everything Kim knows about creating a prominent online presence for your website and get your art found online.

“Too many artists just put some images up on a website and think they are done.”

What I see on many artist websites is…

  • minimal explanations about the work
  • a single image on the page and no text
  • sites that are not well organized
  • writing that is hard to understand
  • not updated with current work or CV

“The point of having a website is to spread the word about your art to a broader audience.”

What we want to do is…

  • get complete strangers to your site not just art people
  • receive invitations to exhibit
  • obtain gallery representation
  • make sales and advertise workshops
  • get commissions
  • be featured on blogs or art websites

As it stands your site is probably found by someone entering your name into a search engine. Meaning they already know you or of you. What about those who have never heard of you who might potentially love your art if they only knew you existed? How do we get them?

Attracting new visitors can be a challenge but it is not impossible. The goal for the evening is to explore how we can increase the probability that complete strangers will either accidentally or by chance land somewhere on your site.

Join Kim at Swinton’s where we’ll talk about creating strong content and searchable images for artist’s websitesBiography

Design is Kim Bruce’s background; art, her passion; digital technologies, her tools. Kim is a visual problem solver who helps fellow artists create websites using WordPress.

Kim has presented at WordCamp’s in Calgary and Edmonton on using WordPress for fine art. She has also provided seminars on artists’ websites to The Alberta Society of Artists, Red Deer Arts Council and Untitled Arts Society.

Kim is a contributing guest blogger for Alyson Stanfield at Artbiz Coach, Fine Art Tips with Lori McNee and writes professional development articles for Visual Arts Alberta.

When Kim isn’t at the computer, you’ll find her in the studio creating art with her own unique visual voice.

Find Kim Bruce:

at Swinton’s Art Supplies, Studio 3
7160 Fisher St. SE
Calgary, Canada

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