Technology Blight

Technology Blight

Image by Simon Greig (xrrr)
A perfect example of our ability to ruin picture postcard buildings with invasive technology.

An old fashioned wooden bus stop complete with mossy roof has a nice new "Real Time Passenger Information" LCD display and roof aerial. I guess it could be solar panels and a satellite dish so it could be worse!

Is it just me or is this a crime?

3 thoughts on “Technology Blight

  1. Modern techno destruction – there should be some sort of law against this sort of defacement ! I suppose the next installation is CCTV to see who is vandalising characture architecture – this one would not be so bad except for the damn great shiney ground plane for the aerial – the daft thing here is that the aerial cannot be all that efficient as the ground plane has to be horizontal – surely it could have been a little more descrete ! Oh ! Well ! No more to say !

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