Technology – “Future Vision”

Technology – “Future Vision”

Image by $ ydney
This one from me depicts the evolution of technology in computers and telecommunication.

A vision for the future of Technology.

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29 Responses to Technology – “Future Vision”

  1. $ydney says:

    @Cilest – Thanx for visiting and commenting.

  2. mocovodo says:

    That’s really cool!

  3. Ms. Soccer_Roo says:

    This is a cool manip sydney.. :)

  4. manzu says:

    Thats a cool pic.

  5. Sr!v!dya says:

    cool one ! Try one with you see this same picture in the laptop !! It will be a recursive photo 😉

  6. shivanayak says:

    Nice idea.

  7. Pavan.. says:

    Hey cool pic you got two pairs of same shirt 😉

  8. $ydney says:

    @mocovodo, Sindi, Manzu, Srvidya, Shivanayak, Pavan – Thanx for dropping by and commenting. @Srvidya – I agree with you, that the recursive effect will be great. Shall try that out!! @Pavan – I don’t exactly have 2 pairs dude… It’s my pair of hands all over the frame :-)

  9. Shaolin Tiger says:

    Really cool shot, nice concept I like it :) (from the 1on1 group)

  10. Shaolin Tiger says:

    Same (3:1 Group)

  11. vetlife2005 says:

    human extinction remain the last speceis, the silicon 3:1

  12. ingirogiro says:

    Nice effect Score 7.5/10 (from the Score Me! group)

  13. says:

    Cool shot in many ways, second ive scored today but I like it, its not as convincing as it could be, maybe a touch more work but its cool, great work. Score 9/10 (from the Score Me! group)

  14. algo says:

    These completely baffle – but I have to admire the skill that goes into creating them. (I do like the shirt.) faved.

  15. S a b i r says:

    This is too good! Very creative! Three sleeves of the same design seems a bit odd, IMO.

  16. Teppo says:

    It’s a cool idea and well excecuted shot. I like the compostition as well, but the green colors (I suppose they are intended) don’t seem to be the ones I’d put there. I would go for a more natural rather than fluorecent look. Score 11/13 (from the Judgement Day group)

  17. Shaolin Tiger says:

    Again.. Score 10/13 (from the Judgement Day group)

  18. Heaven`s Gate (John) says:

    very creative, and a true photographers eye ! Score 8.5/10 (from the Score Me! group)

  19. juttaschnecke says:

    Score _9_/10 (from the Score Me! group Great idea!

  20. fbz_ says:

    title 1: "Three-Armed Bandit" from title me group

  21. cubbsie says:

    really cool idea, but somehow the end result doesnt grab me on an aesthetic level – maybe its not meant to! Score 9/13 (from the Judgement Day group)

  22. ParaScubaSailor says:

    I like the idea. The composition is quite good, but I don’t find the end result as good as the idea, particularly on the colours. Score 7/10 (from the Score Me! group)

  23. Grey Skull says:

    love this shot…!!! brilliant idea Score 11/13 (from the Judgement Day group)

  24. cybele malinowski says:

    now thats cool! concept great Score 9/10 (from the score me! group

  25. ingirogiro says:

    nice effect Score 8_/13 (from the Judgement Day group)

  26. borealnz says:

    Wonderful idea -love it! Different colours might improve it though. Rated a 8/10 at the Ratings group.

  27. Navelfluff says:

    Imho the hand behind the screen could do something more interesting and there should be some more things behind or around the laptop. In addition to that it seems to be a bit out of focus. The yellow tones don’t do it for me, looks like a bad Whitebalance. And the position of the arms in the foreground looks a bit weird, like making place for the camera. No Pick (from the Pick-a-Flick to Stay group)

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