“Technology has exceeded our humanity”

“Technology has exceeded our humanity”

Image by Toban B.
Technologies are human creations,
yet some technologies are placed before humans, at times
(as with roads, in some cases)

That image was here –

I found the image on a Myspace page.

The image also happened to be on the site www.americansarebrainwashed.com.
I don’t think that any Americans actually are "brainwashed" — whereas that site name suggests that all Americans are brainwashed. Yet, there are Americans who resist or stray from the status quo, and the word "brainwashed" is over-the-top — to the point of ridiculousness.

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2 Responses to “Technology has exceeded our humanity”

  1. T. Hammonds MSW says:

    War and its technology exceeds out humanity. It always has.

  2. aknypm says:

    Wow, its amazing wonderful place Axdeer

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