Technology – Triple Monitor, i7 CPU, Desk Set Up, and Install!

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10 Responses to Technology – Triple Monitor, i7 CPU, Desk Set Up, and Install!

  1. Michael Gibson says:

    why alienware?

  2. GameGuyy says:

    Gaming is fun on any platform. PC does have great graphics, but I prefer playing on a console. It’s just simple. Put a game in and play with a controller. With a PC, installations and all of that junk. I use a PC for video editing/film making editing mainly and that’s about it.

  3. TheForbiddenLegacy says:

    Lol you and concle gamers ha

  4. InfamyHD says:

    I have the same samsung monitors 😀

  5. MrD3K3BLU3 says:

    I was like this kid has a great setup, and then I saw the speakers…

  6. Bilal Ansari says:

    lazy dik head all he probably ever does is just play ps3 and xbox and computer games all day lazy fat bitch.

  7. starjammerAK says:

    nice set up! Hello from AK!

  8. Krzysztof Skraburski says:

    opalil byś sie świnio xD

  9. KimHoaiNam says:

    You just took your shirt off and white the desk with it. Boss.

  10. Simone Neverson says:

    This ain’t each me crap I was trying to get help setting up my pc :(

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