TEDxHouston 2011 – Wade Adams – Nanotechnology and Energy

Dr. Wade Adams is the Director of the Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology at Rice University. The Institute is devoted to the development of new innovations on the nanometer scale. Some of the institute’s current thrusts include research in carbon nanotubes, medical applications of nanoparticles, nanoporous membranes, molecular computing, and nanoshell diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Wade was appointed a senior scientist (ST) in the Materials Directorate of the Wright Laboratory in 1995. Prior to that he was a research leader and in-house research scientist in the directorate. For the past 36 years he has conducted research in polymer physics, concentrating on structure-property relations in high-performance organic materials. He is internationally known for his research in high-performance rigid-rod polymer fibers, X-ray scattering studies of fibers and liquid crystalline films, polymer dispersed liquid crystals, and theoretical studies of ultimate polymer properties.
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12 thoughts on “TEDxHouston 2011 – Wade Adams – Nanotechnology and Energy

  1. A massive world wide collapse is coming, the gobal economy will fail. We are passed peak oil, and clean drinkable water is already becoming scarce. The masses, the media, politicians simply do not know the scope of our problems. Trust me we will feel pain before nano tech or any other tech saves us.

  2. I sincerely hope that this technology will be soon released to technicians as in roofing,siding, roofing, and electrician companies. Please, PLEASE, don’t wait for mega-corporations to eat this alive.

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  4. One of the biggest applications of nano-technology will be for paralyzed people. Think about it. There are only a few million paralyzed people in the entire USA but, while there aren’t that many SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) cases, people get paralyzed EVERY YEAR! Unfortunately, even as we get advanced, unless we develop some unbreakable titanium spinal cords, people will always get into some sort of accidents every year in the future & nanotechnology will continue to be an effective tool.

  5. Watch from 16:55 to 17:45, He says if we cover our planet with that much space of solar panels, we would have more than enough energy. Why don’t we put the panels on the dessert. Almost a third of Earth is desert, then we would have more energy that we can imagine.

  6. 8:08 Did he really say target the tit??? I hope this doesn’t offend any breast cancer patient as my own mother is suspected of having breast cancer, but that is hilarious. Yes NanoTechnology needs to speed up, it will be the next revolution.

  7. Anyone who has Morgellons will tell you that this technology is not all good. They are distributing nano technology to the population through Aerosol Spraying (Chemtrails).

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