Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – ‘Console Opening Cinematic’ TRUE-HD QUALITY

►► Remember to select 720p HD◄◄ Namco Bandai released this awesome New opening cinematic trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Subscribe to the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 show: www.youtube.com Subscribe to RajmanGamingHD: www.youtube.com Returning characters: * Alex * Alisa Bosconovich…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – ‘Console Opening Cinematic’ TRUE-HD QUALITY

  1. Al Carlo Maglonzo says:

    2:01 Angel’s angry face

  2. MZigomar says:

    Angel… My Wife for ever *q*

  3. lorenz gamutin says:

    everthing change until kazuya rape jun…

  4. Yosif Bambin says:

    I hope I’m not the only one who got that. 😀

  5. dekaron12 says:

    hmm.. the trailer was awesome until ogrea and angel appeared.like you know, from a fighting tournament, to a battle between heaven and hell…. uhmm that escalated quickly. since this isn’t cannon, i quess is ok.

  6. crazyweirdsxguy980 says:

    Kunimitsu is hot.

  7. ruggerREL says:


  8. TheTuberguy1000 says:

    true true. i mean jinpachi nearly destroyed the world and jins powers after his full transfrmation are just not even barely comparable to the other characters. in that form he is in dbz tier. kazuya returned from the dead and heihachi just doesnt die. i think if you used a knife n him theknife would bend or break since he took explosions and drops from astronomic levels.

  9. IDyce88 says:

    doesn’t change the fact anyone connected to the mishima family is UBER strong, i mean heihachi survived being blown up at point blank range…and have u seen the fight with him and jin and kazuya in that anime film? as for Lars…he is not only wicked intelligent with tactics but also just as strong as heihachi at the very least.

  10. standiggs12 says:

    screw ogre, angel scares me a whole lot more. that bitch has the craziest eyes. (o_o)

  11. TheTuberguy1000 says:

    gonna dish out my fanboism an say it jin didnt even try to defeat lars he used that fights enerdgy to release azazel and tae him down

  12. EverGraceAndLight says:

    sweet Angel ….

  13. IDyce88 says:

    OMG firstly Lars and heihachi may not possess the devil gene but they are still BLOODY strong, any character with the crackling lightning effect in the game (which actually isn’t an effect it is something they can do like the laser blasts) is super powerful, so in other words; Jinpachi, heihachi, kazuya, jin and lars…lars was the only guy who could defeat Jin in tekken 6’s story. it is a simple matter of it skipping a generation, heihachi has crap luck LOL

  14. IDyce88 says:

    angel is the good in kazuya (for those that wish to know) and devil is the evil, but it is pretty clear who won as angel never reappeared again after tekken…3 was it? or 2? Jun died, she was killed by ogre and supposedly became this thing called unknown but we don’t know this for sure. i also want to add the day Jun millions of fans cried for some bizarre reason, she wasn’t that cool and she soon got replaced by asuka so…

  15. IDyce88 says:

    uh yeah, he was the first to have it, he is so inhuman the japanese goverment refuse to accept him as japanese, heihachi sealed him away because he was jealous of his power….and then his son got the same power jinpachi had (poor guy, he’s never cut a break) and then jin got it and then lars got it through heihachi’s affair with a swedish chick too….

  16. IDyce88 says:

    does anyone else think she should have screamed the THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!!!

  17. IDyce88 says:

    you are missing some characters on that list of yours

  18. neutralhero999 says:

    Is it weird that I got scared more of Angel than Ogre?

  19. DeVian McGivery says:

    I always thought that this could be who Angel is…

  20. Punktony94 says:

    Fuck! I just wett myself (*,,,*)

  21. ThatRyuGuy96 says:

    No jun is not angle, if you want to know the facts look them up on tekken wiki im sick of telling newbies what stuff is.

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