Telepresence / Virtual Presence Device V1.0

Here is my iRobot Create based telepresence robot.

7 thoughts on “Telepresence / Virtual Presence Device V1.0

  1. If I revamp the project I’ll be sure to post the ‘Client/Host Software’ for controlling the robot. The drive, and sensors are based on the iRobot Create, but with that base the potentials are endless!! and, grinick… no, it is not a pleasure unit. Maybe, with the right AI it could learn to empathize though… but thats a whole different realm :p. Glad you enjoyed the video emhass :)!

  2. The analog robot hand controlling a game controller may be difficult, but you could hook up some intermediate (i.e., build an xbox controller into the robot,and relay the commands from something plugged in at home). Regarding work, I WANTED SO MUCH SO DO THIS… Although, my co-workers looked at me with a strange look. lol. Also, to go a distance you would need something to stream the internet (e.g., iPhone or cell card modem), otherwise for local wifi would be fine.

  3. Haha, also an initial dream of mine (I got the idea from the episode of big bang). I really should get the project going again… V2! Robot hands are kind pricey, but could be controlled via the P5 Data Glove (which I have acquired). Right now, she just has wheels, so any ledge up maybe difficult.; however, if your friends house is wheelchair accessible it absolutely could do those things (that is the next model).

  4. I’d love to bring a virtual presence version of myself to school instead of actually going to school. How much would it cost if hooked up to a 4G network? Could it be modified with robotic arms and a videogame controller in that way you could virtually go over to someone elses house, ring the doorbell, play games, and even open doors? That would be the best thing ever, perfect for sick days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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