Ten Concepts That Are Surprisingly Difficult to Translate

Ten Concepts That Are Surprisingly Difficult to Translate
To most people, the process of translation sounds easy. Just take a phrase and one language and convert it into another, just like online translation tools do, right? If only it were so simple! The reality is that even the translation of a single word …
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Translating Steve Ballmer's Letter to Microsoft Into Real Talk
We've translated the entire letter below (save a few snooze-inducing paragraphs about enterprise. Ugh. Just saying that word enterprise put me to sleep) into something that can actually be understood. Think of it as what Ballmer really wants to say …
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Analysts say Somalia progress might not translate to Mali
STUTTGART, Germany — While the U.S. is hailing Somalia as a success story, an example of how concerted international efforts can rout Islamic extremists in control of much of the country, some analysts are tempering that success with caution. The U.S …
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