Ten Most Visited Websites.avi

Well I got bored as heck and decided to look thru my history to see which websites I was on the most in the past 2 weeks. 1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. YouTube 4. Hotmail 5. Picnik 6. Tumblr 7. Polyvore 8. Twitpic 9. Emofwendz 10. Colour Lovers

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5 Responses to Ten Most Visited Websites.avi

  1. ifreakenloveskrillex says:

    lol im on emofwendz too find me my name is jenniee.valentinee.eat your heart out <3 xD

  2. Ilovedrawing2000 says:

    Thx :)

  3. WalienForLife99 says:

    Good To You - Marianas Trench Ft. Kate Voegele (:

  4. Ilovedrawing2000 says:

    And whats this song called??

  5. Ilovedrawing2000 says:

    LOLLLLLLLL Hahha Im there XD

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