Ten Steps in a Social Media Marketing Plan For Dummies

Spend some time researching and planning your social media marketing approach before you execute it. Once your social media marketing is live, evaluate its s…
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    This is not economics and marketing is summed up as simple is this,allowing yourself to be exploited and exploiting others for profit,simple. Planned wait till you dumbys learn about obsolescence,planed or intrinsic if not both.this man knows nothing about biology or science much less how things work as a whole”fragmented”thinking is a form of mental retardation imposed by religion,culture,Nationalism and so forth. honestly in the near future all your jobs will go to super computers and robots.

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    Look up the word ecocide and a video called human resources social engineering in the 20th century that’s your homework for now.

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    I can’t stress how valuable social media marketing is in this day and age. Thanks for the post on the topic.

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