Terracon Introduces Non-Metallic Media Slurry Tank for Process-Scale Chromatography

Franklin, MA (PRWEB) June 11, 2013

Terracon Corporation has announced the introduction of a new non-metallic media slurry tank for process-scale chromatography and other biotech applications. Designed for optimal mixing of media slurry, the cylindrical cone-bottom tank is available in polyethylene or polypropylene and in sizes ranging from 200 to 2000 liters.

Terracons plastic media slurry tank eliminates the oxidization and pitting often seen with stainless tanks and the associated risk of cross contamination. According to Rob Jewett, Terracon president, this is critical to maintaining purity in the manufacturing process. Pitting, which is common when using stainless steel tanks, has the potential to compromise filtration and ultimately the production process, said Jewett. Our plastic tanks arent subject to oxidation or pitting, so theyre perfect for containment and mixing of ultrapure media.

Terracon media slurry tanks feature a vertically aligned shaft equipped with both a main turbine, which circulates the fluid in the tank, and a tickler impeller that reaches deep into the tanks cone bottom to stir up anything that may have settled. Strategically placed baffles create additional turbulence to help maintain a uniform and consistent flow of homogenous liquid throughout the tank. A rotating spray ball system is incorporated for cleaning in place (CIP) a removable lid for cleaning out of place (COP). The tanks cone shaped bottom allows for quick and complete drainage.

As with its other tank lines, Terracon molds its media slurry tanks from translucent polyethylene and polypropylene. This eliminates the need for expensive electronics sensors, transmitters, etc. commonly employed with stainless tanks to determine when they are full. End users can simply glance at the tank to gauge the level of contents.

Our new non-metallic slurry tank offers biotech and biopharma firms the performance they require at a lower cost than conventional stainless steel tanks, said Jewett. Weve raised the bar once again and delivered a solution that not only sets a new standard in terms of quality and performance, but does so while reducing production times and costs. As a company, we continue to respond to the market and offer innovative, cost-effective solutions to complex fluid management problems.

All Terracon media slurry tanks are customized to meet individual customer needs. Multiple stand options are available in various cGMP-compliant finishes and grades. The tanks are designed for use at atmospheric pressure. For further information on Terracons media slurry tanks and the companys other fluid management solutions, visit the companys website at http://www.terracon-solutions.com or contact Terracons sales group by phone at 508-429-9950 or email at sales(at)terracon-solutions(dot)com.

About Terracon Corporation:

Founded in 1976, Terracon Corporation is a leading provider of fluid management solutions to businesses in a wide range of industries, including biopharmaceutical, medical, and alternative energy. The companys customers rely on Terracon and its custom-configured products to address complex fluid containment, mixing, and processing challenges. Terracons solutions are distributed directly and through resellers, and include non-metallic tanks and vessels, mixers, and carboy rinse stations. Terracon Corporation is privately owned and based in Franklin, Massachusetts. For more information about the company, visit its website at http://www.terracon-solutions.com.

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