Tesla Announces They Plan to Start Making a Mass-market Car Posted on Your Story by First Class Posting

(PRWEB) March 25, 2014

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“Tesla Motors seems to be the one automotive company thats on everyones mind these days. The companys innovative take on the electrical vehicle has made their cars extremely popular with consumers, while also drawing the ire of some traditional car dealership organizations. However, the companys relevance in the auto industry has been severely limited by the fact that their vehicles have been out of the price ranges of most people in the country.” said Amy Taylor with First Class Posting.

Amy Taylor continues: “That may be about to change, as the company recently announced that they plan to start producing a mass-market car, the Tesla E, which will start at about half the price of the companys existing Model S. The company hopes to be able to bring the new vehicle to market sometime in the next three years. The Model E sales will go a long way toward determining what role Tesla will play in the automotive industry going forward.”

Tesla has positioned itself as a disruptor in the automotive industry, According to Jason Hope, technology expert. When youre the disruptor in any industry, there eventually has to come a moment where you either start competing with the big boys on a common playing field, or you just fade into oblivion as one of those visionary companies that had some cool ideas, but just wasnt able to turn those ideas into a lasting presence in the industry. The Model E demonstrates that Tesla isnt satisfied with being just a little boutique carmaker anymore; I think theyre trying to tell the world that theyre ready to compete in a major way.

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