Tested In-Depth: Google Glass Explorer Edition

Will and Norm show off the new Google Glass Explorer Edition to explain exactly how it works, what you can do with it, and what the experience is like wearin…
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20 thoughts on “Tested In-Depth: Google Glass Explorer Edition

  1. But when you look at a GPS then you take your eyes off the road, and focus on the screen. With Glass I believe both planes of visions are in focus and you only glance while maintaining focus on the road.

  2. Google glass really makes me think it’s the stepping stone into what society is like in the anime Accel World. I like the idea of google glass, but hardware and overall design could probably use some work.

  3. I suppose we shouldn’t use knives because people use them as instruments of murder? Of course privacy is an issue, but that doesn’t INHERENTLY make the tech bad. What’s to stop people from doing that with camera phones right now? All they need to do is position themselves in an inconspicuous way and act like their watching a video instead of recording one. Also just because some people are scumbags with technology doesn’t mean those who made it are scumbags too.

  4. Privacy is going to b a bitch in future u don’t know if person is recording you or not, plus if some record you using phone you can tell… but in these glasses hell u won’t have any idea.

  5. Voice command is not stupid, by any means. It’s actually rather clever. The problem is that it’s not super-sophisticated yet. A computer’s bits can’t interpret voice input very well yet, it will develop further along over time, I’m sure. Language & phonetics are very complex and dialect, intonation, and inflection are game changers for a device that reacts to a pretty rigid/regulated stimuli. Give it some time.

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