Texas Fertility Center Offers Advanced Fertility Preservation Options for Cancer Patients

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) October 09, 2012

Texas Fertility Center (TFC) has launched an awareness campaign supporting efforts to raise consciousness about fertility preservation for cancer patients. The fertility doctors at TFC offer their assistance to breast cancer patients, as well as those with other types of cancer, by providing advanced fertility preservation options.

For many TFC patients, fertility preservation has now resulted in a successful pregnancy. Most recently, a young woman who had been diagnosed with breast cancer at age 27 met with physicians at TFC to discuss her options for fertility preservation. Having no family history of breast cancer, she was shocked by her diagnosis and was determined to preserve her future options for child bearing. Dr. Lisa Hansard of The Texas Fertility Center recommended in vitro fertilization (IVF) with embryo vitrification (embryo freezing) in order to preserve excellent quality embryos before the patient underwent fertility-damaging chemotherapy.

Our fertility specialists will work with the patients cancer specialist to create a scenario that protects the patients ability to have children without creating an overall health risk. This allows our patients to focus on beating cancer, knowing that they have done everything possible to preserve their fertility said TFCs Dr. Hansard.

Now 11 weeks pregnant, the 32-year old breast cancer survivor and expectant mom is busy planning for a new arrival.

Because of early diagnosis, survival rates for breast cancer patients are very good, explained Dr. Hansard. This means patients can realistically plan for a family after treatment.

At TFC, vitrification is used to cryopreserve (freeze) eggs and embryos. This advanced, fast-freezing technique provides the best chance for a successful outcome when patients are ready to begin or expand their families after treatment.

The vitrification method of freezing has revolutionized the fertility preservation process, said Dr. Kaylen Silverberg, Lab Director of Texas Fertility Center and Austin IVF. With this proven technology in use at TFC, we are one of the few programs in Texas to report successful births from frozen eggs as well as frozen embryos.

Fertility preservation enables the eggs or embryos to be frozen until the patient is cleared to resume fertility treatment, in many cases months, or even years, after first cryopreserving genetic material.

For our most recent 32-year old breast cancer survivor, fertility preservation has meant the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

I want to send a message to other women who may be going through breast cancer. There is hope for starting a family after cancer treatment. Im proof of that. she said.

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