Texas lawmakers put teens in charge of educational rigor

Texas lawmakers put teens in charge of educational rigor
In April, members of Manor Tech's robotics team, TEXplosion, took their robot — named Y.O.L.O. (“you only live once”) — to the FIRST Robotics Competition championship at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. In other words, the school is a showcase for …
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Shooting, biking and space mining at UGA virtual reality showcase
The places were virtual, but the fun was real Thursday in a virtual-reality open house on the University of Georgia campus. Visitors could operate a robotic flyer, fire a Glock 9mm pistol complete with recoil, or ride a bicycle through some scenic …
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Evolution of the Cybermen
The Cybermen quickly returned for their sequel story a mere three stories after their first outing 'The Tenth Planet' within the same season and would continue to have a regular appearance on the show for the rest of the Second Doctor's era. The Second …
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