Texas Size Super Saturday – Learn How to Increase Referrals($1,000 to 10K) with John Ferguson

Texas Size Super Saturday – Learn How to Increase Referrals(,000 to 10K) with John Ferguson
Event on 2015-07-11 09:00:00
There are more millionaires in the United States than ever before…9.63 million households with a net worth of million or more. Looking at income tax and net wealth data, the largest percentage of Americans attain their wealth by running businesses. Studies of wealthy people show that there are 4 skills that they have mastered to make them successful. You can learn, practice and refine these skills this Saturday with the B.E.S.T team.   1. Finding People Millionaires are great at finding people to partner with, recruit, or develop a relationship with. In order to have any successful business you need to perfect 2-7 ways of finding people. The B.E.S.T team teaches over 100 ways to find people for your business. This Saturday come learn from Bryan & Tabitha Evans as they walk you through several of our top money-making ways build your business with people.    BONUS – Use Facebook to make ,000 checks! Learn the ins and outs of Facebook marketing from our local social media marketing diva, Jen Norman.   2. Telling the Right Story…the Right Way Millionaires know how to talk the talk before they walk the walk. They know how to talk about themselves, their product, and their goals. They also know that part of talking the right way is to know when to shut up! Come learn from a man that has gone from a shy real estate agent to a successful real estate investor AND business owner. John Rosenquist made over ,000 in December by learning how to tell his story. See what skills he learned to fire his boss!   Get Yourself Registered for this Saturdays' Training!   3. Build for Event after Event A dog with a bone…a cat with its string…a mouse with its cheese. What do all these animals have? Passion. Passion is what keeps a millionaire engaged in their business and what rubs off on those around them. Millionaires develop customers by learning how to keep them coming back for more. This Saturday, Allison Lovell will teach you how to keep your customers coming back for more and more and more. You will learn how to turn your passion into a system that makes you money by following simple steps to move people from small events to larger and larger ones in your business.   4. Follow Up Millionaires do not take "no" for an answer. They believe that everyone needs their product and so they learn to follow up and follow up until a customer says "yes." In your business you have to understand how to effectively follow up with new prospects, old prospects and in-between prospects because fortune is in the follow up. Learn how to organize your follow ups for your business from Jessica Zaretsky, top income earner and former single mother.   NEW! – Jessica will also be unveiling her NEW, systematic way for you and your prospects to find all the money you need to make your business successful. Don't miss it!   Get Yourself Registered for this Saturdays' Training!   BONUS – Do you know which event this year will change your business and your life more than any other? Learn about the incredible event taking place this year and how you can get there within your budget! The master marketer, educator expert and remarkable real estate investor Hugh Zaretsky will be walking you through this life-changing event. He will also be rewarding those who have accomplished significant goals in the past 30 days on the B.E.S.T team. Don't miss the opportunity to get recognized and meet those that are up-and-coming stars.   Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn the 4 Simple Skills that millionaires use time and time again to create wealth! Get yourself registered today! Seating is limited and this training is expected to be FULL. Reserve your seat right now.     #entrepreneur #realestate #realestateinvesting #findmoney #funding #income #financiallyfree #motivatesellers 

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