TF2 – Secret “Tobor” Room in Foundry

TF2 - Secret

Here is another easter egg hidden in Foundry. Since “Tobor” is “Robot” backwards, and those pictures in the last video resembled robots, could this mean…A ROBOT UPDATE? (Special thanks to SergeantPyrocrab for the location of this room.) Edit: 6/23/12 – 10000 views! Thanks, everyone!

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22 Responses to TF2 – Secret “Tobor” Room in Foundry

  1. Roflcoptahz100 says:

    Wow they worked really hard on the build-up for MvM

  2. Гоша Гошав says:

    Building of Mann vs. Machine, ok?

  3. joel salter says:

    lol tobor is robot

  4. TheWalkers789 says:

    Then they delay so as to add drama

  5. ToxxicBurst523 says:

    mann.vs.machine is the “robot update and its out ;D yay

  6. RileyPivot says:


  7. colebotman says:

    Tobor is a character from a video game call My sims agents

  8. TheMasterdois says:

    0:30 Tobor = roboT and if you look at the right have the number 15

  9. sword1533 says:

    its robot back wards

  10. richguy39 says:


  11. Madson Hatterly says:

    Speed Limit: 15 Release Date: August 15 Dohohohoh, Valve, you’re so GOD-DAMN funny.

  12. Patricio Marzan says:

    GREY paint…

  13. wildcardsniper says:

    now it is :D

  14. arild schonbeck says:


  15. chaoszero367 says:

    robot backwards

  16. EpicMicheal says:


  17. tf2hat says:

    This may be on September 2nd or Aug 24th

  18. MrMatej929 says:

    im fuckign excited ima explode

  19. BlackManic1 says:

    Sentry Level 3… silly :3

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