Thales Teixeira / Online Marketing Rockstars 2015 / Hamburg #omr15 ▻…
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4 Responses to Thales Teixeira / Online Marketing Rockstars 2015 / Hamburg #omr15

  1. Chad Solberg says:

    Un-intrusive branding annoys me…. At least when its painfully obvious… like in a popular tv show….”wow this coke is great…” or ..”man I love my car its so smooth” and other garbage…. Advertising… in the terms of advertising as it is today…. needs to die…. needs to stop taking our time… needs to stop ruining that which is good…. as +Gary Vaynerchuk days…. “Marketers Ruin Everything….” This guy is just Frankenstein-ing advertising… 

  2. Joko de Katsp says:

    Great talk. The stupid guitar player hast to shit the fuck up 

  3. Michael Voithofer says:

    great talk!

  4. Malik Dirim says:

    Awesome and insigthful speech. But really, being a guitarist myself… that playing wasn’t helpful there. Thanks for sharing Rockstars!

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