Thanks Yahoo!

Thanks Yahoo!

Image by JD Hancock
The recent changes to Flickr have brought negativity from some photographers towards Yahoo!, and I understand that. Honestly, I really do. But I have many reasons to be grateful to Yahoo!

Last year the Yahoo! Profiles team selected my Textured Rainbokeh photo as one of the default backgrounds for their service. That was very nice of them.

A few months ago the Yahoo! Weather app team used one of my cloud photos to visualize the weather here in Austin, Texas. Neat!

And a few weeks ago a team at Yahoo! Studios invited me to New York City to be interviewed about my photography on Flickr. The result of that session, a video profiling me, has been posted to the Flickr Blog and to The Weekly Flickr today.

I would like to thank Yahoo! for celebrating my silly little corner of Flickr. It is appreciated.

Photo seen in Flickr Explore.

Learn more about this image at the source.


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32 Responses to Thanks Yahoo!

  1. kingkong21 says:

    tats very cool, congrats JD !

  2. Rooners Toy Photography says:

    Loved the interview…congratualtions on this new recognition – well deserved!

  3. ChicaD58 says:

    How exciting. And so well deserved!

  4. Brody J says:

    Hearty congrats on your well deserved recognition, JD!!! One of your classics, Swimming In the IPool comes to mind for me quite often!

  5. olydemon says:

    great to hear your story.

  6. A.Monoang says:

    Sincere congratulation for your creativity and great work! Truly inspirational.

  7. Trish Mayo says:

    Congrats on everything!!! Very exciting news.

  8. Fargus64 says:

    Thanks for the positivity JD – granted, you have quite a bit to be happy about! — But I still think the Flickr staff deserves a nice round of applause for the efforts they are making on the site and on our experience.

  9. starcommanderlego says:

    Wow! congrats!

  10. espressoDOM says:

    Very cool for you…..and we’ll deserved

  11. paloetic says:

    a lovely positive image … and it is great you are getting all that recognition too .. you deserve it :)

  12. tomo_moko says:

    wow that is SO COOL!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Congratulations on being featured, you take photography to new levels of awesomeness!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Charles Sollars Concepts says:

    I love Jack in the background there

  14. Sasha's Lab says:

    You deserve the recognition. I personally have learned a lot from your photo stream.

  15. j5k says:

    Congrats, JD. You deserve it!

  16. wilbura59 says:

    Flickr is the GREATEST, I Love It!

  17. Rudr Peter | Smile to the world | says:

    this is a splendid shot JD!!

  18. fontograph says:

    Congratulations JD, well done!

  19. Hari Ron says:

    nice one…..well done

  20. says:

    No wonder, with the taste and skills you have! Jealous congrats from me! :-)

  21. BOSSoNe0013 says:

    Congrats JD !

  22. gato-gato-gato says:

    Das ist schรถn.

  23. R D L says:

    I saw the blog… I must admit I took a bit of a double take because at first I thought it was one of the group updates until I noticed it was something the whole Flickr world would see! Well done and well deserved!

  24. miserablespice says:

    It was so well deserved. I was so chuffed for you!

  25. Rebeak says:

    Congratulation on your amazing photo making EXPLORE …may you and your camera continue to gather more amazing things to share

  26. JD Hancock says:

    Thank you everyone! I feel very fortunate for having found such a great community on Flickr. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Tatyana_727_ says:

    Congrats, JD !! You deserve it!!!

  28. Globalnomad01 says:

    The Blog and Explore are deserved – your Stream is inspirational.

  29. Jill Clardy says:

    Congratulations ! Your photography is skillful and fun and a great outlet for your creative spirit !

  30. chinguri says:

    … fantastic!! :-)

  31. hollis_tibbetts says:

    Congrats. You are a seriously talented guy.

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