That Webcam Tag

Less quality = more fun! (not really) The tagged: Kayley: Kristina: Zach: http://www…
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18 thoughts on “That Webcam Tag

  1. This is a colored animation of a portal scene. It’s from the same person that did the pencil test 🙂 Just thought you should see it.

  2. Yay 2013 it seems to be the year of the grove since so many youtubers I watch are like I am going to be posting more. A very good start to the year.

  3. The first YouTuber I ever really watched was Robyn of robynisrarelyfunny. I then moved on to Kayley then I kinda slowly expanded until I had reached nerdfighteria and here I am, over a year and a half later. Now that I think about it, that isn’t very much time at all but whatever.

  4. That’s your favourite YouTube video? All the effort people put in to making videos and that’s your favourite? You are easily pleased. Its frigging cute though I must admit 😉

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