That Webcam Tag

Less quality = more fun! (not really) The tagged: Kayley: Kristina: Zach: http://www…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to That Webcam Tag

  1. AdamUPNow says:


  2. K3LLYRI0T says:

    ah you watched julia that’s perf

  3. CIAlikeYou says: This is a colored animation of a portal scene. It’s from the same person that did the pencil test :) Just thought you should see it.

  4. InterrobangActivate says:

    Who’s the lucky guy?

  5. proudestmonkee07 says:

    the (cup)cake is a lie!

  6. cantnotmove says:

    I don’t think there’ll be a time where my favourite youtube video isn’t Dressing up the Cats

  7. xXTheBlueAuthorXx says:

    Yay 2013 it seems to be the year of the grove since so many youtubers I watch are like I am going to be posting more. A very good start to the year.

  8. thatzak says:

    You’re a racist.

  9. quirkfulquagmire says:

    The first YouTuber I ever really watched was Robyn of robynisrarelyfunny. I then moved on to Kayley then I kinda slowly expanded until I had reached nerdfighteria and here I am, over a year and a half later. Now that I think about it, that isn’t very much time at all but whatever.

  10. Bailey Smith says:

    I want a cupcake also to be your best friend

  11. emilythebravee says:

    But I’m your favorite tagger.

  12. emilythebravee says:

    It’s my boyfriends and we were playing Wind Waker!

  13. Brian Taheny says:

    what game are you playing on your gameboy advance that is connected to your gamecube.

  14. Chonch95 says:

    Julia Nunes was a lot of people’s first YouTuber. I think she was one of my first.

  15. ThePointlessPitch says:

    That’s your favourite YouTube video? All the effort people put in to making videos and that’s your favourite? You are easily pleased. Its frigging cute though I must admit 😉

  16. thatzak says:

    I’ve already been tagged, bravee. Thanks though!

  17. Crabb90 says:

    The first peron I started watching on YT is @ChurchOfBlow aka Jeramiah McDonald.

  18. Marianne Dashwood says:

    that would have been a good idea!

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