The $1.1 Million Case Study – Email Marketing Secrets

The .1 Million Case Study - Email Marketing Secrets

60 Day Step By Step Blueprint To 000 Per Month.

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23 Responses to The $1.1 Million Case Study – Email Marketing Secrets

  1. Rachel Crawford says:

    signed up and paid but can’t access material or haven’t received any replies to 4 emails????

  2. kaan dilek says:

    this is one big sales pitch.

  3. Peter Wiegand says:

    how did you drive traffic ???

  4. Jahneed Ahmed says:

    what’s going on Anik, when are you going to reopen, went on site and it was close? please respond.

  5. kaan dilek says:

    stop talking bullshit and get to the course 

  6. Benjamin Butler says:

    ok so I totally listen to yall for 2 hours and 4 minutes…. I will not go on any more its repetitive and not to the point, which is very time consuming. unsubscribing Now…. a waste of time!

  7. Shiver Hinge says:


  8. Laura Dawson says:

    Thanks, Anik. With Bob Proctor’s recommendation, got on board. Getting familiar with your Channel.

  9. T Judd says:

    Hello Anik – great video training and list building strategies! I recommend it to those looking for how to start from scratch and build a list. The only thing missing is leveraging this video in a way to help them create an additional income stream from the same effort twice and on a residual basis that you’re not receiving from YT..

  10. EmiKoul says:

    awesome training, great value thank you!

  11. Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review says:

    Thanks for the awesome training, Anik!

  12. Geraldo Farias says:

    Hello I am in Brazil watching you … let go


    Anik, i’m in Ghana, can i do this in Ghana? i cannot open a paypal account from my country, can i do this from Ghana?

  14. Shaine Warren says:

    Yay, I’m excited for this webinar! :)

  15. Greg Robson says:

    Yup I’m logged into google plus

  16. Leonard Shamon says:

    great stuff brtha

  17. Clyde Lebaron says:

    Sounds great, now, thanks!

  18. Aneela Kakarla says:

    Hi, Hope to get something out from this by the end. 

  19. Roland McBryj says:

    Great Training for a great Person !!!

  20. IM Tools for Business says:

    Live now with Anik Singal … InboxBlueprint – 60 Day Step by Step Plan to $10,000/Month

  21. Otilia Capraru says:

    Hello from Toronto, Canada

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