The #1 mistake you make when measuring user engagement

The #1 mistake you make when measuring user engagement
Ariel Rosenstein: One of the key issues challenging measurement of mobile apps is that it is focused on static app store rankings and/or the number of downloads. These numbers don't accurately depict what is going on in the ecosystem because they are …
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EDITOR'S CHOICE: Drone testing, new restaurant, speed limit, suicide
Jon Sesso, Butte-Silver Bow planning director and Superfund coordinator, said the county is working actively with the state to make sure Butte firms get a good shot at doing the removal work, and to do a cost assessment and site analysis for the moving …
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How Removing Old Website Content Can Improve Your Traffic
Old, poor-quality content does hurt your search ranking, as long as that low-quality content remains on your site and is accessible to the search engine. You may be sitting on a gold mine of lost SEO value you can recover with a few simple changes. Six …
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