The 5 Rs of Search Engine Marketing with Bryan Eisenberg

Share Search engine marketing can sometimes seem overwhelming. Marketing expert Bryan Eisenberg simplifies the procedure with his 5 Rs of Search Marketing. He explains how content on your site must be (1) relevant, (2) build your reputation, (3) remarkable, (4) readable, and (5) of sufficient reach. Relevant. You need to have content that speaks to what people are interested in. Reputation. You gradually develop a reputation for providing helpful, relevant content. Increasingly, review of your site are being noticed by Google. Remarkable. Only really great (or really poor) content is commented on or linked to. This requires small businesses must do careful niche marketing so they can excel in an area. The rise of is due to their quest for excellence. Readability. Make sure your HTML is accurate, title tags are in place, headings, keywords, etc. But also format for readability, using headlines, bullet points, graphics, and infographics. There’s an unfortunate trend towards using smaller typefaces on websites which reduces readability. With increased use of mobile devices, this is becoming a big issue. Reach. When developing your content, write about topics that have wider interest in order to attract enough traffic to your site. Bryan Eisenberg is a principal in Bryan & Jeffery Eisenberg and Associates. He communicates principles of conversion growth through speaking for companies and industry seminars. This interview was recorded at the Search Engine Strategies
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