The Accelerator – Methods for Attracting Clients in the New Economy

The Accelerator – Methods for Attracting Clients in the New Economy
Event on 2013-10-01 18:30:00

How to Attract More Clients in the New Economy

This is the complete training on how to attract clients and get more sales using a complete system of online network building. 

The Accelerator Training is for consultants, authors, experts and sales professionals who want to reach a larger audience and have a greater impact by using social media and content marketing methods.


What Will Be Included in the Live Training Program


8 Weeks of Live Training Classes


Tuesday Evenings     Oct. 1 – Nov. 19th     6:30 – 8:30 P.M.





Week 1: Start with the End in Mind: Creating Goals for the Project


Describe a Campaign Goal that would be valuable to achieve for your project?


How will you know you have achieved it? How will things look and feel?


When do you plan to accomplish this?






Week 2: Understanding Your Target Customer


Who is the ideal person to Purchase the Product-Service


Learn specific language of the target customer


Develop Copy to Connect with the inner desires of an Audience





Week 3: Developing an Online Following: The Power of Expert Status


How to become a thought leader in your Social Media Niche Network


Hubs of Social Network Activity and how to tap into them


What motivates People to Share Content / What makes content stickly




Social Media Marketing Basics – The Big 6 Platforms:


Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter / Youtube / Pinterest / Instagram






 Week 4: Developing Gift to You Campaigns


Moving the Free Line to Attract Clients


Types of Free-miums or Gift to You Campaigns


How to Use Use the Give away for list building


How to Create Content that is Sticky




 Week 5: Copy Writing Techniques that Motivate Sales


Creating Blog and Social Media Articles


The Power of an Authentic Story


Word Crafting – What you call it is everything






 Week 7: Using Automated Online Marketing Tools


Toward a 4 Hrs. Work Week


A Network of Virtual Assistance


Auto Responders – Smart E-Mail and CRT


Introdcution to Smart E-Mail / CRM Systems: Infusionsoft / Auto Office






Week 8: A Long Term Plan of Fame – Wealth – and Personal Success


Building Recognition through ongoing Content Publishing


Developing a Content Publishing Calendar

Provide content and new offers consistently

Why the Accelerator System?

The path to more clients and generating a higher income is through a marketing process that combines social media, e-mail and video based media into a complete system of customer getting.  

Since over 70% of all purchases begin with an online search, it is important to learn how to provide the information people are looking for in order to discover and buy your product.

No matter what your level of skill, this training will provide understanding on how to attract clients and grow sales with effective online marketing. 




What is Content Marketing?   (and why should I care….?)


“Content Marketing is the process of delivering content on consistent basis that engages, informs and instructs potential online customers in order to influence decisions.


When people are searching online, they are looking for information that can help them be inspired and become more informed.  By providing content in the form of newsletters, social media articles, video and other types of free offers you build the bridge of trust needed in business today.


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