The Amazing and Miraculous SEO Powerhouse: Evergreen Pages

The Amazing and Miraculous SEO Powerhouse: Evergreen Pages
Content marketers and SEOs love to talk about “evergreen content” — a form of content creation that produces timeless and relevant pages. What many SEOs don't realize is just how powerful the evergreen strategy can be for their overall SEO strategy.
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Agency staff learned the ropes in the showroom
In April, Preston Automotive President Dave Wilson Sr. spun off the group's marketing team into an agency, iFrog Digital Marketing, which specializes in social media marketing, search engine optimization and mobile advertising. Not only does iFrog …
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Magento SEO – Set Some Sensible Defaults
Out of the box there are no truly bad default settings for SEO and it offers handy functions to make your life easier. In this article I'll take a look at changing some of the less than optimal defaults and talk about some of the other settings you may …
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