20 Replies to “The Android Central Nexus 4 review walkthrough”

  1. You are a fucking scumbag. You have 40 youtube accounts (to thumb up your comments) and your job is to post spam comments in random videos. I’m not surprised that it’s your fist time you’re getting some bucks from the net, but I highly doubt that your family is damn happy or any proud of you, you fucking liar piece of shit. I bet they don’t even know. If your dad had used a condom, youtube would be a better place for all of us.

  2. I’m not even going to watch any video’s about the Google Nexus 4 anymore!-cause it annoys me that my bro wont be able to order it from playstore in UK for my Christmas. he was going to order it from Playstore for my Christmas but it doesn’t it look like there getting it back in stock in UK before Christmas :(:(

  3. No wonder Apple is the richest company, because of sheep like. iPhone is the same as this phone but you happily pay more than 2X the price because of the pretty shape and nice look.

  4. so you expect the $300 phone to have LTE, micro SD, interchangeable batteries, be water resistant and “green” and made of solid gold. What fantasy world are you living in? Go look at all the phones on the market and non have all the features you are looking for. The only garbage is your post and your unreasonable expectations. Its a damn cell phone not a 747 jet.

  5. @lykhxef o you re right. my entires family is damn happy about this news. and i can suggest u , its the first time i am getting some bucks from the net without having knowledge of any technical stuff. i found it here ==> bit.ly/Twzqtc?=mhchqzi

  6. It seems to me that all this screen responsiveness lag has been much to do about nothing. From all the reviews I have seen the N4 looks to respond great. I would love to hear what Android Central has to say about this.

  7. Garbage. No MicroSD or interchangeable battery option. What AD/DA converters that thing got? How’s the sound and volume? What kind of warranty? Is it made here? No, no, and no. More asian garbage. Is it “green” recognized? Is it water resistant? Lots of time to think about these things and do something about them. No on all fronts? Garbage.

  8. You’re totally right. When it comes to the appearance, it’s all about personal preferences. But I said, iPhone 5 is the best looking and Quality phone I HAVE ever seen and held. Just another way to say “in my opinion” 🙂

  9. The iPhone has a better build quality but for me it is not the best looking. The way a phone looks to someone differs. It is subjective. You should say “When it comes to the design, iPhone 5 is the best looking phone in my opinion…”. I find the Nexus 4 to be better looking, but that’s just me.

  10. Dude I know, that sucks! 600€ = $780… that’s so fucked up! You should try get one from the US eBay for $300-$400. Or you can get a Galaxy S3 16Gb for 450€, which is a better smartphone that the Nexus4 anyway.

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