The best wing suit /skydive from you tube PART1

PART 2 Wingsuit, Base Jump T-Shirts available, See and Subscribe to my You Tube Channel for more Vid’s & Part 2 Here’s a collection of my favourite wing suit fly’s and sky dives from You Tube
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to The best wing suit /skydive from you tube PART1

  1. spencerfil says:


  2. krasimir ILIEW says:

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  3. MaryQueenOfChance says:

    Exlency and freedom forever!

  4. naomihasuguniyokunar says:


  5. TheCrazyGamerStory says:

    i do this in my spare time!!! it is the most fun you could ever have!!! but you wear plated feet so you hardly feal anything. i do advise you to go and give it a go!!!

  6. UFO00000000000000000 says:

    are you retarded or sth ?

  7. heyhethey596 says:

    go to hell u havent seen hell or have “kissed god ever”

  8. marcus anthon says:

    i wore something like it in my flying dreams , the scenery was different though , urban if i’m not mistaken and i could do vertical takeoff :

  9. DXB2014 says:

    When I want to committed suicide I’ll do like them :'(

  10. 2cool0 says:

    hahahaha but dude i was just joking though

  11. xyaqua says:

    hey dude- i’ve flown thunderstorms in small aircraft- ‘satan’ means- literally ‘the adversary’- not evil. someone who gives you an alternate view- if yo are getting all christian/jesus on me- i’ve been in the places where evil would have won. satan exists only in your mind. YOUR mind. i’ve kissed God in several different ways- she’s always laughed and let me go on playing- I have seen God- she;s black ( i’m a white guy)… :-) she has a hell of a sense of humor— :-)

  12. archangelmek1 says:

    i got only one fuckin question….. how do u fit a pair of balls that size in that suit son?

  13. themysteriofan619 says:

    I want to do this, but be able to fly really close to the ground, and fly right next to a car, nod at the guy driving, then fly away.

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