The Binary Options Experts Report Profitable Results and Good Cashflow For Clients as 2012 Goes into Yuletide Season

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 09, 2012

Leading consultancy firm for global traders, The Binary Options Experts, just released its latest report on September trading revealing impressive returns on investments by as much as 90 percent. The latest report details profits made on individual trading, on Forex trading, and on Asian trade sessions of global stock market indices. The company and, incidentally, the team behind the best-selling Binary Options Profit Pipeline: Unleash the Power of Binary Options shares that the third week of September saw a staggering $ 16,701.13 profit in just 90 minutes of binary options trading.

Reporting a stellar August on trading, The Binary Options Experts state that its clients have so far had a very very consistent profitable year this year, with just a few losing trades here and there. VP of Global Operations Duane Cunningham who narrates the video report says, We had quite a good finish til the end of the week, adding that their $ 500 trades brought back roughly 90 percent in ROI while Asian trade sessions of global indices had five winning trades. Doing a volume of 41 trades, 39 of which were profitable, on the Forex front, Cunningham shares that $ 500 trades pulled in 80 percent of ROI. Meanwhile clients under the Diamond Club took in $ 92,430.06 in two days, with only four losing trades.

Details of the September trading can also be viewed on The Binary Options Experts Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Binary Options are relatively new methods of trading. Instead of purchasing an asset, a trader speculates on the direction that the asset will go: either it will rise in value or dive in value. In comparison to what is known as vanilla options (or regular options), binary options carry a time-limited quality, which means that a trader can make almost instant profit. The consultancy firm also points out that because prices for binary options are set from the very beginning, traders already know their risks before placing their trade.

While the controlled risks and the profitability do make for one enticing pitch, The Binary Options Experts also greatly cautions would-be traders to first learn and understand the entire process before making an investment. In an era that allows for multiple digital options in investments, The Binary Options Experts is aiming to further educate new traders and arm them with the crucial skills needed to benefit from binary options. Its best-selling book Binary Options Profit Pipeline: Unleash the Power of Binary Options, which is currently on Amazon, details their results-driven methodology for obtaining profit from financial markets.

Author Duane Cunningham writes in the introductory page of the book, Before you move on and begin learning, there are a few points to be made First of all, we emphasise that you should take things slowly when youre learning. Dont skip ahead or be in a rush, because thats where things will go wrong. This book is arranged in a very logical way we introduce you to the different pieces of the puzzle as we go through the chapters, and then towards the end of the book we show you how to put those pieces together into a complete approach to trading. If you skip ahead youll find you may well struggle when you get to some of the later chapters. Go through each chapter one by one and make sure you understand completely before moving on.

As with any form of investment there are risks involved, along with promising returns. The Binary Options Experts are committed to educating and mentoring traders optimistic about acquiring binary options profit. Those interested are encouraged to get a hold of Binary Options Profit Pipeline: Unleash the Power of Binary Options, and get in touch with The Binary Options Experts for in-depth and expert assistance in trading today.

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