The Blue Book Network Weathers Mobilegeddon

(PRWEB) April 25, 2015

The Blue Book Building and Construction Network has confirmed that their customers are insulated from Mobilegeddon. Launched on April 21st, 2015, Googles lovingly-nicknamed new algorithm changed mobile search rankings in favor of mobile-optimized sites. While it has been verified that a significant number of commercial contractors own websites have been affected, ProView pages hosted by Blue Book have passed Googles mobile-friendliness test with flying colors.

According to Mark Griswold, Chief Information Officer, The team at Blue Book anticipated the inevitability of Mobilegeddon and worked diligently for the past two years to ensure that our customers would not be negatively affected. The Blue Book Network has also recently launched two updates in ProView. These updates will increase the mobile-friendliness of a customers ProView page. The mobile-optimized pages will now feature a sidebar view, new icons, information drop-downs, and easy social media interaction. We stayed ahead by guaranteeing the best user experience, using SEO properly, and not attempting to game the system Griswold added.

With the new Google search algorithm in place, sites that are not mobile-optimized will likely experience a hit to their ranking in mobile searches. Websites that are fully optimized for mobile devices will remain highly ranked. Approximately half of a websites traffic comes from search results, therefore maintaining a pages search ranking is crucial for visibility.

With the major change to Googles search algorithm, ProView users can rest assured that their pages will still appear in mobile searches. ProView-listed websites are well ranked in Google searches, due to the very high trust rank associated with the Blue Book website. Google has provided a website which conducts a free Mobile-Friendly test:

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This information will be presented at select Blue Book Network Showcases. The next presentation is on Thursday, April 30th in San Diego, CA. The presentation will broadcast live via the Periscope social media platform.

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