The Bots – I Like Your Style

The Bots brand new music video filmed with High Definition RED camera. Come check us out at The Bots official web site at Check out our n…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to The Bots – I Like Your Style

  1. MiridanaDK says:

    See you at Roskilde Festivallen!!

  2. GoodGoneBetter says:

    what a groove at what age and they say music has no future

  3. Nicholas Escandon says:

    Wow …. Kids have some serious talent more then most artist these days who need a dozen writers for one generic song these kids have a future, keep it up

  4. qvistus82 says:

    Attitude !

  5. Patrick Mays says:

    they gotta be raised on some Bad Brains a bit. awesome stuff

  6. Spiksplinter Evens says:

    Big Muff

  7. Dario Santo says:

    Congrats from Portugal, Keep Going Kids! m/ Dont let Rock die

  8. Trashlee Almanza says:

    SOMEONE, upload “we’re not kids anymore” by them. Por favor.

  9. GE0704 says:

    Saw them last year at Rock en Seine Paris. They were awesome!

  10. Jonas Defrancq says:

    They are amazing!!! I’ll see them at Rock Werchter! Can’t wait 😀

  11. Hoxton Amp says:

    Yes!!! Punk rockin.

  12. Osvaldo GodoyDrums says:

    Saw these guys at the GlassHouse in Pomona when they opened for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! They were awesome! 😀

  13. clodes21 says:

    Très impressionnant pour leur jeune âge. Bon style, bonne interprétation (à part la voix mais on s’en fout). Une batterie, une guitare c’est suffisant, comme un certain Jimmy Hendrix.

  14. Agathe Moulin says:

    Even though i’m from France and I don’t understand everything you say, I know that this song is awesome.

  15. matlalala666 says:

    I hope they will go very very far ! They’re already amazing ! 😀

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